The commonly used term, “There’s an app for that,” may have become a cliché. But it is undoubtedly true that you can find an app for just about anything these days. The Google Play store alone contains more than 2.9 million apps. Out of those millions, here are seven of our favorites for 2020.


If you want to record your own podcast entirely from your smartphone, using Anchor is the easiest way to go about it. The free app allows you to record by yourself or with others to create entire podcast episodes. It also includes some basic audio editing tools so that you can perfect each clip. Furthermore, in recent times Anchor has introduced a monetization program for creators.


You have probably heard of Fitbit from its popular fitness trackers. But the Fitbit app that powers those devices works really well too. Furthermore, the app is free. By using your smartphone, the fitness app can count the number of steps you take and log activities to assist you in achieving set daily goals. The Fitbit app even has social features so that you can compete against your friends. By using Fitbit regularly, you will be more active and healthier in no time.

Casumo Casino

Casumo is our favorite site for casino games. It is a friendly and honest online casino where you can play hundreds of slot games, table games, and jackpots. You can even visit Casumo’s live casino or bet on your favorite sport. Are you familiar with the idea of casinos rewarding their players as they play? The concept is now commonplace, but Casumo was the first online casino to introduce player rewards. Giving out points as rewards is the casino’s way of thanking its customers for their loyalty. As players gain more points, a progress bar fills up. When it is full, players have the opportunity to receive a reward. Casumo casino has been operating since 2012. Eight years on, it is still one of the best online casinos around.

Microsoft Launcher

The free Microsoft Launcher app can replace your Android phone’s default launcher with a customizable and useful feed. It allows you to have quick and easy access to recent apps, frequently contacted people, and events. The main app list can be viewed vertically or horizontally. There is also a sophisticated alphabetical scrollbar. Microsoft Launcher does not affect the use of Google Assistant, and its performance is just as smooth as the stock launcher.


Bitdefender has been around for quite some time, but it is still the best antivirus security app around. If you need protection for your smartphone, Bitdefender will scan your phone in mere seconds to ensure your device is entirely secure. The Bitdefender app also features powerful antitheft tools, Android Wear integration, and superb phishing protection. The app has received perfect scores from two independent research laboratories. So, you can be sure of its trustworthiness and reliability.


If you love cooking and you want to discover new recipes and share your inspirations with others, Cookpad is the app for you. With almost 3 million recipes and the largest community of home cooks in the world, you will never struggle for meal ideas ever again. The app also allows you to save collections, manage shopping lists, and plan what you are going to cook next with the daily meal planner. Furthermore, you can see who else is cooking your recipe in real-time and follow the community’s conversation to see any changes they make.


Airbnb is one of the most unique travel apps around. The online marketplace enables people all over the world to obtain or offer accommodation such as rooms, apartments, and homes, as alternatives to a traditional hotel. You can find accommodation to stay in for the short-term or several months. Airbnb came into being after its founders put an air mattress in their living room so that they could effectively set up a cheap bed and breakfast to offset the high cost of their rent. Today, Airbnb offers a variety of services for travelers. For instance, you can book travel experiences led by native experts, and add experiences and events to your itinerary. Meanwhile, hosts can update their availability, share experiences, and manage reservations.

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