Renowned mobile phone manufacturers offer a wide variety of smartphone models to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. The prices of these products vary from company to company. How to buy a smartphone at an affordable price? If you want to find the best offer, you need to compare various offers carefully. Trustworthy telcos in Singapore offer combination packages of top-quality smartphones and SIM plans at attractive prices. What benefits do the best mobile phone Singapore deals offer?

No-contract, data-focused mobile plans

If you visit the websites of reputed Singapore telcos, you can find highly attractive no-contract, data-focussed mobile plans. You can choose a suitable plan with the model you want to buy. These types of offers let you own an Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other device while enjoying uninterrupted internet access and talk time.

Flexible payment methods and packages

Trusted Telcos offer highly flexible mobile phone Singapore deals to help you save a lot of money in the long run. There are many different types of plans available for you to choose from. If you have DBS / POSB credit cards, some telcos offer amazing deals to make your purchase highly profitable.

You can buy Samsung, Apple, and other types of smartphones by paying monthly installments. These special schemes do not ask you to pay any interest. There is no need to make any upfront payment. The duration of these schemes is 24 months. The best telcos don’t charge any SIM card registration fee. You will qualify for 20GB of data and 100 minute talk time as well.

Packages with an upfront payment

Established telcos also offer special mobile phone Singapore packages with an upfront payment. You can lower the monthly installment by paying an upfront payment of $200. These types of plans are available for people who have DBS / POSB credit cards. You can enjoy 20GB data and 100-minute talk time as well.

Special deals with a full upfront payment

If you can afford to make full payment for the device, you will qualify for a sizable discount of up to $150. The payment can be made using any credit or debit card. These types of schemes let you enjoy uninterrupted talk time and internet surfing by paying a cheap monthly fee.

Excellent customization options

As you keep using these types of plans, your requirements may change. You may need more flexibility to accommodate your varying needs. If you want more, you can customize these plans to suit your exact needs. With a small payment, you can add unlimited incoming calls, IDD calls, unlimited outgoing calls, unlimited data, and super roam features.

When you plan to buy a mobile phone and a data package, you need to do your research carefully. It is always advisable to search for special combo packages. You can come across many incredibly affordable combinations of digital products and no-contract, data-focused mobile plans. The best mobile phone Singapore packages offered by trusted telcos help you save more than $500 in the long run. Many people are looking for these types of deals to make their purchases highly rewarding and fulfilling nowadays.

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