In this era, everyone is an artist and creates its creation. There are many enthusiasts who make their music on their mobile phones. The only thing you need is talent, and you can show your talent to the whole world with minimal effort. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 music composing apps in the market.
The best and most popular app to produce music is Garageband, but the app is limited to apple users. That’s why we decided to not include it in the list. But there’s a tweak to run Garageband on your windows system. You can check out this guide on how you can run garageband on windows.

1. Walk Band- Multitracks Music

This app is a wonderful app that will work as a full studio for you. It contains many instruments like guitars, drums, bass, and many other things. It also gives a feature to record yourself while composing the music. This app is suitable for those who want many features in a single application.

Availability- This app is available on both platforms, iOS and Android.

2. Music Maker JAM

It is a popular app for music lovers. It provides lots of features to composers. This app is downloaded over 10 million count. The app is free to use, but you can avail all the features of the app by purchasing a license for it. After purchase, you can choose almost 150+ music styles such as rock, hip-hop, drum, bass, jazz, etc. This app also provides a social platform in which a composer can share its creation with its community and can take experience.

Availability- This app is also available on iOS, and Android is free but includes in-app purchases.

3. Guitar Tuner Free

This app is very popular among guitarists, with over 20 million downloads. It provides a wide range of guitars by which you can compose your music. Apart from guitars, it also provides bass, ukulele, and many string instruments. It also helps you to learn composing in an effortless manner such as in-game form or as a challenge.

Availability- This app is available on iOS, and Android is free.

4. Music Studio

The music studio is a fully-featured music composer app that provides a professional music production environment. All the types of instruments are available to you so that you can compose music as a professional composer. It also provides tracks and effects where you can combine multiple music and can add effects using this app. If you are a serious composer and searching for professional apps, then it is best for you.

Availability- This app is available on iOS and Android, and it costs $15.

5. Score Creator

Score Creator is an app used to compose sheet music. The best thing about the app is its user-friendly interface. It lets you add music notes by simply applying notes or cords from the given keyboard. Another feature of the app is it provides multiple tracks, different instruments, playback features, etc.

Availability- App is free to use but contains in-app purchases and available on both iOS and Android.

6. FL Studio Mobile

Another music composing app popularly known to edit and mix songs on your smartphone. Its user-friendly interface makes it very good to use. It provides a large variety of tools and options to compose music. An example of its tools is MIDI, drum kits, high-quality synthesizers, audio engine, mixer. FL studio has several effects and editor. In short, it has everything that a composer needs to compose music.

Availability- This app costs $15 and also has in-app purchases to buy more features. It is available on both iOS and Android.

7. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 has a user-friendly interface inspired by rack-mount sampler rigs. It has so many features in it that make it a perfect app for music composing. Caustic 3 provides many professional instruments and features like lots of dials, sliders, and buttons. It also contains many old instruments such as mouth organ, Beatbox, etc. You can customize the app by yourself also.

Availability- The app is free, but for customizations, you need to activate its full version, which costs $10. It is available on iOS and Android.

8. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a music composing app that is compatible with beginners. You can also record your audio by using either the phone’s mic or an external USB mic. You can also store your creations in the app’s cloud storage, Google Drive, etc. It is best for beginners as well as moderators.

Availability- Audio Evolution Mobile Studio provides a free trial with some features for a limited period. You can, but the pro version of the app is $6.99 from iOS and Android.

9. RecForge Pro

RecForge Pro is a wonderful app for recording the best quality of sound as well as for composing the app. Many features allow you to edit or customize the sound that you recorded and sync it with your music composed. It records in many formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, etc.

Availability- This app is available on iOS and Android for $3.49.

10. Groove Mixer

Groove mixer is a popular app that is specialized in creating drum beats. It is a very good app for beginners as it has a user-friendly interface. This app also provides many instruments and includes pattern mixer, track sequencer, which helps you to mix and edit properly.

Availability- This app costs $7.49 and available on both iOS and Android.

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