Preparing for the summer can be challenging especially if you are on a tight budget. Air Conditioners cost roughly around 30000 rupees and electricity bills skyrocket in the summer if you use ACs. Moreover, student homes are temporary so furnishing it completely with expensive furniture and appliances may prove to be expensive. If you live in a city which has long and extremely hot summers, here are some tips and essentials that are ideal for the student home:

  1. Plants: plants are cheap and extremely effective. You can decorate your room and living room with lots of plants to cool down the house. Plants release moisture which helps reduce humidity. It’s also a great mechanism for keeping pollution at check, especially if you live in a city like Delhi.
  2. Get an Air Cooler: air coolers are ideal for student homes. They are also very useful if you live in hostel rooms which do not allow you to get air conditioners. Air coolers are inexpensive and easily portable from one room to another. Instead of getting air conditioners for different rooms, you can move the air cooler from room to room. If buying an air cooler works out to be out of your budget, you can always get a cooler on rent for less than rupees 500 a month.
  3. Get an Air Conditioner: If you live in a city where summers are unbearable, air conditioners are a blessing. You can get an AC on rent for less than rupees 2000 a month. If you share an apartment with other people, electricity bills won’t be such a burden as costs will be split. You can rent an air conditioner from an online source for a few months in the year. Moreover, if you rent it for 3 months at once, most websites offer you a wide range of discounts.
  4. Battery Fans: summers often go hand in hand with long power cuts. Get a battery fan to keep cool even when there is a power cut. Battery fans are completely portable and convenient. You can get a battery fan from an online source for less than rupees 1000. Battery fans also don’t consume any electricity, which is an added benefit.
  5. Lemonade: I know what you’re thinking. Why is lemonade a summer essential? Heat strokes are very common during the summer. Hydration is extremely important during the summer season. You can make large batches of lemonade and store it in the refrigerator and keep having a glass or two every now and then to stay cool and hydrated. Getting sick away from home is always a depressing thing. Stay hydrated this summer and stay healthy!
  6. Get a juicer: summertime juices can be very enjoyable and beneficial. Get a juicer for less than 1000 rupees from an online source and make healthy and fresh juices every day in order to stay hydrated.

Use these tips to prepare your student home for the summer. Remember, it’s not always about keeping the room cool, but also yourself cool by hydrating.

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