Going on a road trip, you may be exposed to various inconveniences and problems. To make your journey easy and enjoyable, we have collected the most useful mobile apps for road trips. It turns out that with the help of your smartphone, you can find the nearest hotel or arrange a free overnight stay, calculate fuel costs or call for technical assistance at the touch of a button, and even get a virtual navigator.

TIP: If you are going to travel abroad, you don’t need to go there by your car. You can hire it on the ground. Today rental companies create incredibly easy lease conditions. All cars in rental services are new and you are sure to find something to your taste and budget. The choice of a car depends on your trip aim and possibilities. For example, if you are two brave travelers, you can rent a Cabrio. But if you travel in a big company and your routу goes through rough terrainю it is better to rent jeep.

#1. PackPoint

Available on: Android & iOS

Have you packed their suitcase the whole day, but still forgotten something important? If this sounds like you, try the PackPoint app. Set the city, date, route length, and specify what you will do (for example, go to restaurants and lie on the beach), and the app will give you a ready-made list of things. You can remove the unwanted ones, and add, for example, your favorite mug, then mark each item in the app when putting it in your suitcase.

#2. izi.TRAVEL (Travel Guide)

Available on: Android & iOS

This app consists of information on all places of interest. Based on the location, it selects the most useful data and voice-over it. It is enough to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the multimedia system of the car. Moreover, you can download the desired audiobook or tour in advance.

#3. MapsMe

Available on: Android & iOS

A handy app for planning your route, especially if you do not know the road or city. It works very simply: download the maps of a country you need, set the route, and it’s done! The app works without internet access. This means that at any time you can look at the saved route and travel without fear of missing the necessary turn.

#4. Roadtrippers

Available on: Android & iOS

Tell Roadtrippers your location and destination, travel dates, and place of interest you are going to visit, and the app will plot an optimal route for you. Roadtrippers will help you find unusual sights, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, campsites, etc.

#5. TravelSpend

Available on: Android & iOS

This is a user-friendly app to track and share expenses on a group trip. A similar good app is Splitwise.

TIP: Download apps in advance. Moreover, it is better to select out the ones that work offline: communication during the road trip can be of poor quality, and Internet access is too expensive in roaming.

#6. Slide2Talk

Available on: Android

This app will be useful if you are traveling by several cars and don’t have walkie-talkies. Now you have. Talk to fellow travelers over Wi-Fi. On any Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot, incoming audio messages automatically play through your speaker or headset.

#7. Couchsurfing

Available on: Android & iOS

This is a social network for those who prefer traveling light. Members of the network provide each other with free assistance and accommodation during travel or organize joint trips. If you can’t afford or don’t like booking a hotel room, take advantage of couchsurfers’ offers. Just choose the country and city you are going to visit, and the app will give you hundreds of offers.

#8. Car Camera DVR

Available on: iOS

Recently, DVR has become popular with drivers. Such a gadget will really help on a road trip. The DVR will help not only to record the moment of the car accident but also to shoot beautiful landscapes along the way, which you can then show to your friends. Now there is no need to buy a separate DVR, you can just download the application to your phone! The Car Camera DVR app is shooting in HD quality. The application allows you to turn off the screen completely when recording, or display only the most necessary information on it, such as the current speed, time, and direction.

#9. TravelMoney

Available on: Android

If you want to have an accountant who will keep accounts on vacation, then your dream has come true. TravelMoney is a godsend for thrifty people. Of course, the app will not decide for you whether you need to buy another magnet. But it will show how much you have already spent, and analyze how exactly.

#10. Park4night

Available on: Android & iOS

This app is a kind of social network for drivers and helps those who get lost in new places. You can find a place to sleep, find a camping site, and leave a review for future travelers. All information is understandable without knowledge of English, just be guided by the icons.

Keep in mind that these apps have at least a few analogs from other developers. Surely you will find something that suits you. Have a good road trip!

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