One of the fastest growing genres within the mobile market can be found within the betting and casino sector,  this is becoming increasingly obvious during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as there has been a surge in new players and traffic whilst lockdown measures have been in place – for experienced players, you may already know your favourite apps but for newcomers it may be difficult to find differences through the big list of services available, so  how do you choose?

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Reviews – As with most things, reviews are still the best way to find out whether or not something is worth your time – it may take a little practice to get used to filtering out fake and legitimate reviews, but as long as you’re a little thorough then getting a formulated opinion is easily possible. This is especially important with online casinos as legitimacy could be a concern for some – as soon here 4Crowns is legitimate according to this review, and as such would be a good sign for newer players who may like to get started in the game.

Identify features you like – Many of these mobile casinos are quite similar in the way they operate and the games that are available to be played with small differences here and there, but you may find differences in how the games operate depending on where the games are registered, for example. Games registered outside of the UK for example may still allow credit card payments for deposit, they may allow users to register anonymously or deposit anonymously through different methods such as crypto – identify features that suit how you’d play the game and filter for these.

Find a theme you like – A growing trend for many of these games much like what you’d find in a brick and mortar casino is to attribute a theme to many of the more popular games – for example if you’re a slots fan you may be able to find a theme that you really enjoy such as some superhero themed game – many are introducing videos for example into their games too to make the games more interactive for players, there’s a wide variety out there so you’ll be sure to be able to find something that is enjoyable for you.

Look for bonuses – One feature that may attract many new players is to look at the sign up bonuses and freebies that many offer – to encourage players to join often times they offer big sign up bonuses or a number of free spins or free bets, you may want to steer clear from the offers that seem too good to be true but  many offer good matching or free spins to encourage you to join.

It’s clear to see why these games are quickly rising in popularity, they’re easily accessible and don’t require a large amount of time to play with the chance for some reward at the end – the services may be able to sustain this growth after the lockdown measures ease further, but if you’re still not back to work and looking for something do, finding a mobile casino to play may be a fun alternative for new players.

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