Recollect the olden days of gaming. Connecting your Dreamcast and rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of evil and every other SEGA classic game you grew up with. However, now millennials are blessed with an even more diverse spectrum of video games. It became possible only when the advent of the internet started to play a massive role in changing the landscape of gaming for once and for all.

The inclusion of online multiplayer modes even in consoles was game-changing. Now you don’t only confront AI-driven bosses in Sonic or Mario rather you can even team up with your friends and battle with them online in real-time. How? All because of stable internet connectivity.

The internet and its offerings are abundant. The moment you begin to count the benefits the internet has to offer; you lose count in a matter of minutes. An exemplary wave in gaming is of esports, cloud-based gaming and streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. There are also platforms like esportsguide where you can see the calendar of all upcoming esport matches and tournaments.While the latest additions are accepted and known by almost every gamer globally what’s that one common thing that lets you leverage the current face of gaming for both PC and consoles? It’s the internet.

Internet and its importance in gaming

Just as how gradually gaming channels are becoming powerful, so is the current stance of the internet. Without ensuring the presence of a stable internet connection, you cannot utilize the full potential of online gaming. What you require is a cox high speed internet before you even make the decision of purchasing all those games in your Steam wish-list or any triple-A title game that requires online connectivity. With that aside, we would now shed light on the overall importance of good internet speed and its role in gaming.

How Good Internet Speed Reduces Lag

Internet speed is the impetus that determines zero to minimize lag in online games. Unstable FPS rates and a high ping can impact any online game’s performance. The higher the ping, the worse your experience will be. If you think resorting to a cheap internet connection will not affect your internet speed’s bandwidth then you are mistaken as that’s the first thing to be affected.

Suppose, if you aren’t the only person connected to the Wi-Fi router in your home. What will happen then? Your game is bound to have a high ping latency. If you own a big house then you need to see is it the best router for 2 story house or not because you need a router with good network coverage if you own a big house. Another probable reason for lag could be connecting multiple devices to the internet. The device could be a console or even your smartphone. The more devices you connect, the further the bandwidth is divided.

So, if you don’t want to disconnect while playing League of Legends with your friends and save them the ordeal of hearing ‘A summoner has disconnected’ every time you disconnect from your League of Legends ranked game then you should consider getting a stable internet connection with zero possibilities of latency.

Download speed

Not every internet connection out there will render equal internet speeds. Let’s start with download speed and know why exactly it is important for gaming. In layman terms, it’s how fast your system, laptop or console can receive data directly from the server. Why does it play a role here though? Suppose, you aren’t playing a game but you are checking your social media profile. The quickly the page loads on your system or smartphone, the faster the speed of your internet connection.

Now take the same scenario for gaming. If the speed is slow, it will take time to load up your PUGB map and take even longer to load the actual match. So, what’s the ideal download speed for solely gaming? The ideal speed is estimated to be 3 Mbps. It isn’t set in stone for the speed to be lower than that as it can fluctuate according to varying regions as well as the platform that is used for gaming.

Upload speed

The notion of upload speed is quite opposite to download speed. The time your console/system takes to send data to the server is what upload speed is. Suppose you view an image on Instagram or buffer a video on YouTube, the time it takes to render the tasks is known as download speed.

Now twist the two notions and you get upload speed. When you upload an image on your social profile or upload video files on YouTube, the time taken to upload information to the platform’s server is called upload speed.

The need to maintain a stable upload speed arises when you are playing multiplayer games. As when you steam a game, play multiplayer game modes or even connect to a voice-chat app, you have to rely on stable upload speed. If not, the experience is hindered and the lag while gaming prolongs. The ideal upload speed should be a minimum of 1 Mbps. Even 2 Mbps would suffice but it shouldn’t exceed any more.


The thrill for gaming is only justifiable when you have the relevant resources and knowledge to the game without any external hindrances. The notion of latency, upload/download speeds and a full-fledged gaming system connected to high-speed internet is all there is to game away into oblivion with your teammates.

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