TamilMV is a bootleg recording site that hosts copyrighted content using peer shared torrents. Since its predecessor ‘TamilRockers,’ there have been many sites that hosted pirate links of bootleg recordings of newly released movies and TV shows. However, TamilMv had topped them all with ease of access and straightforward interface. TamilMV even started hosting links for downloads that are also exclusive, like content from Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu. Bootlegging is usually illegal, and hosting the bootleg recordings in a public domain is illegal too. Hence the government banned the website of TamilMv. However, the site did not die; it is still accessible. The hosts of TamilMv make sure that they change different domains and host the website daily using different servers.

Nevertheless, why is the government banning TamilMV sites every day? What are the rules against it? How to know the ever-changing domains of it!

Government and Censorship

Each country has a different set of rules and privacy laws. The Internet, no matter how virtual we think it is, it is just cables and wires. It is the government that gives access to this ‘internet.’ To allow its citizens to access a particular website, it should meet with the country’s privacy guidelines. Few countries do not view piracy as illegal, and they consider it to be okay. However, few countries have strict rules against copyrighted content, and websites that host such content get immediately banned. This system of reviewing websites is Internet Censorship, and few countries ban websites hosted by their rival countries.

How does the government ban something globally hosted?

As we already know, the Internet is just cables and wires. Each country has its bandwidth. Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer. Governments control the bandwidth and have ministries that authorize over service providers. Service providers are the corporate that sells you an internet connection. No matter how private the organization is, the ministry controls the guidelines for them.

Bootleg recording. If the government demanded to ban something, these service providers should ban it. They do it by creating an error page, or a page that says forbidden/banned by the government. The website that is supposed to be banned now redirects the country’s users to the page that says it is banned. This type of local banning of websites is geo-banning or geoblocking. They do not shut the website down, but they divert the traffic of their citizens. They cannot disable the website if it is hosted in a different country. That is the reason why they choose to divert the users instead of deletion.

The comeback!

However, these banned sites can find their way back to their valuable viewers. The regulars can use services such as VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to access the banned sites. Generally, our computers are connected to the servers that are common and vulnerable to surveillance. However, having a VPN makes us connect to a private server that is secure and allows you to access anything that is banned by the government. It is only the mainstream servers that are diverted to the “Banned by government” page.

Nevertheless, few websites who do not choose to make their viewers suffer that much, shift their servers, host their sites on new servers, and purchase a new domain. So, the site is online, but using a different URL or just a domain. This way, viewers can access the website using different domains before the government or service providers ban them again. Each time they ban, the website shifts its servers and domain. It is impossible to stop it till they hosers get caught physically. Until they operate anonymously, leaving no trace, they keep on hosting their sites because they still hold the data of their website, and that can be hosted anywhere and anytime.

Why do pirates even exist?

There can be morally confusing reasons. Pirates may claim that they want to help people who cannot afford movies, games, or TV shows. It might even be true. However, these websites gain much money through illegal hosting. They put ads everywhere, and they get paid for each click on an ad. They build the interface such as no matter where you click; the advertisement gets clicked. Hence, they get paid! It is an easy but illegal way to earn money. It is robbing an artist’s work, stealing the credit they need to get. It helps the artist to reach more people, even the ones who cannot afford it, but it robs the money the artist could have gotten. Pirates exist to take control of the loophole present in between the people who can afford and the ones who cannot. Till the pricey things exist, and till there are people who cannot afford them, till then will the pirates exist!

How to unblock TamilMv and other banned sites?

As we know that VPN grants us access to these sites, we need to understand the way VPN works to unblock the websites for us. There are plugins such as HOLA! VPN, they directly allow users to choose servers from different countries. Say if you choose the USA, your IP address cannot be traced and will be masked as the USA. TamilMv is not banned in the USA; hence it allows you to access it. It is advised to use authentic VPN plugins or software as many apps of the name VPN, are just malware in disguise. The most trusted comrade in VPN is TOR. The TOR browser does not keep track of your history and automatically uses VPN. This browser allows you to access any blocked site, and you do not even need additional plugins to do the job. Few sites do not allow doubtful traffic. When you are using a VPN, your network keeps shifting to keep away from trackers. Many sites observe this change of networks and do not allow you to access them; they kick you out. However, TamilMv and other pirate sites do allow VPN traffic. All you got to do is download the TOR browser or VPN plugins in your default browser, type in the URL of a banned site, and you are in! As TamilMV shifts its domain too, if you keep track of their changes, you do not even need a VPN, you directly access their new domain each time.

The new URLs of TamilMV:






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