Instagram is a widely used social networking platform. Users of Instagram create accounts and connect with friends and relatives. The users then share their photos, memories, events, and videos amongst their near and dear ones. Instagram, since its launch on October 6th, 2010, has taken giant steps and grown leaps and bounds globally. With about an estimated 111 million active users until 2019, Instagram is undoubtedly a social networking giant amongst all social networking platforms.

Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc. and was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram is presently available in 32 different languages, and its versions are available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Instagram has spread like wildfire throughout users across the world. Many celebrities also have their Instagram accounts and post their updates regularly over it. These celebrities are liked by their fans, who also actively follow their icons.

Users of Instagram can upload photos and videos over the platform with exciting features like adding filters of their choice, tagging people, tagging geographic locations. Users can create a whole lot of exciting twists to their pictures. They can create stories out of their static photos and instill life in them. Moreover, Instagram allows users to share information and posts either publicly or privately amongst his or her friends and loved ones. Instagram also allows the deletion of posts option to users and account holders.

Till 2015, Instagram allowed users to upload square photos only to their profiles. The aspect ratio was fixed at 640 pixels for both the length and breadth of each photo. But later, in 2015, this restriction was revoked, and the aspect ratio was increased to 1080 pixels. Instagram, over time, has added messaging features, the ability to add multiple photos and videos. M Moreover, Instagram off late has added the Stories feature to its kitty.

But one very disappointing fact is that Instagram photo download is not very easy. Instagram photo download is not directly an option provided to users to play with. It may either due to some privacy policy or some company policy matter which deters users of this facility. However, online tools like Printed Memories will help you turn your favorite Instagram photos into a high-quality photo book. It is one great way you can preserve your treasured memories on Instagram into a personalized item.

Instagram photo download can only take place utilizing initiating a data download request and, after that getting an email containing the downloading saving data on a computer. The second method for Instagram photo download is vided the source code download methodology. Thirdly, and most easily of them all, using third-party applications can also help you concerning Instagram photo download.

In this article, we discuss some of these third-party applications which may suit you and help you regarding Instagram photo download. These are listed below:

Download Gram:

Download Gram search engine

The Download Gram app is a beautiful app for Instagram photo download. The unique feature of this app is that it does not require installation before using it. This makes the app very safe to use and reliable too. This app is present for both computers and mobiles. All you need to do is to go to the photo or the post you want to download the picture from.

Then on the options, you need to copy the universal resource locator for the particular photo. Then when the link gets copied, you need to paste it on the Download Gram address space and click on the download option beneath it. You would be surprised to see that your image starts downloading to your selected directory.

Once the downloading is done, hover to the downloaded file located in the directory, select it and open it to verify that the downloaded image is the exact one you intended to save. The only demerit of using Download Gram is that you can download a single photo every time, and for multiple images, you need to repeat the whole procedure.

4K Stogram:

4K Stogram search engine

Next up in the list for the best third-party app for Instagram photo download is the 4K Stogram. The 4K Stogram app allows users to download bulk images associated with a username, a location, or a hashtag as predefined by you.

It then matches the predefined clause and searches for all public posts and lists them for you to select some if not all those criteria matching images. Thus, the 4k Stogram app is a very robust app for downloading multiple photos in one go.

All you need to do is select the version which matches your computer’s operating system, download it and then install it. Then after the installation is complete, you enter the application and present your criteria, and then you are good to go.


Save-o-gram search engine

The next member in the list of best apps for Instagram photo download is the Save-o-gram. This app allows for a more refined image selection and downloading option. You need first to install it, and then after entering the application, choose the criteria and indicate your choice whether to bulk download all criteria matching images as a zip file or individual photos.

The app allows users to enjoy a trial period of seven days initially. After the expiry of the trial period, the app charges an onetime fee of nine Dollars only for a lifetime usage charge.

Download Instagram Stories

The next method for Instagram photo download is the Download Instagram Stories feature provided by Instagram. This feature enables you to save the stories from your profile very quickly from the options menu.

If, however, you need to keep photos from someone else’s stories, all you need to do is to go to their account and capture a screenshot. This involves a trick to placing a finger somewhere in the middle of the story; this hides the overlay and enables you to take a clear screenshot without the overlay inscribed.


Thus, we see that Instagram is a compelling social media platform with a global presence. It allows you to share a lot of photos and videos and also enables you to create stories. But the missing feature of the inability to download images directly from the Instagram platform might have distressed you. But we hope the tips and the apps shared in our article would have certainly eased off your stress and relieved you altogether.

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