Everybody loves to watch movies and TV shows and they love it more when it’s free and they don’t have to spend a single penny buying different subscriptions of Netflix and Hulu. Just to full fill this need, a lot of websites has started giving you free access to thousands of Movies and TV shows all under one roof.

There are a plethora of websites nowadays which allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free, some of them are greedy and you have to struggle a lot removing ads and pop-ups in order to watch your TV show while some are good websites like Project Free TV which makes the user experience better.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a website which allows the user to watch movies and TV shows online without any subscription charge or registration fees. It is a very simple and easy to use the website and whenever you search for a TV show, it gives you relevant links to the website which actually has the TV and you can follow the link to start watching. Simple, isn’t it?

Other than giving links to watch TV shows, Project Free TV also lets you know about the upcoming episode and when it is going to air. This is very convenient and people don’t need to visit another site just to do so.

Project Free TV doesn’t have as many shows as Netflix or Hulu but they had a majority of popular shows available out there on the internet. We should not compare Project Free TV to something like Netflix because they don’t produce the show, they just pirate it from the source and let you watch them free.

I hope this makes everything clear.

Is Project Free TV safe or illegal?

Surprisingly the answer is yes for both the question. Project Free TV is safe as well as illegal. Although the website owners have stated that they do not host any of the content on their own and only allows links to a third party site actually hosting it. Still, project Free TV violets a lot of rules and regular and is illegal. The website is safe because it doesn’t redirect you to a malicious website or show you annoying popup ads.

As the website shows copyright content it is more likely that Project free TV will shut down and you won’t be able to watch free TV shows over there. This will be the time when people will start searching for Project Free TV alternatives. A lot of fake websites will also appear promising you to give free content but you should not trust them.

To be on the right side of law and prevent yourself from malware and viruses here are few things you can follow.

How to be safe and avoid any issue?

Install an Ad-Block Extension

If you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Web browser then you can install Ad Block Extension by visiting Chrome Web Store or Firefox add on and download a free extension which will block all the annoying ads and popup from a certain page.

Use a VPN

Some contents are restricted by the authorities in your country and if you still want to watch them then you might want to switch on a VPN and change your location to some other country where the content is available.

You should also hide your IP while watching such contents and it will save you from running into any problem.


So, Yes Project Free TV is safe and this was it for this short article hope you enjoyed it and do comment on your views about Project Free TV and share some alternatives if you know. It will surely add value to the article.

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