Freecovers is a popular site that offers high-resolution DVD covers for movies, games, and TV series. It is an archive of all the perfectly designed DVD covers. You can download and print these covers for totally free. This archive is a free artwork of copyrighted content when its legitimacy is at the discussion. It means that the site has no right over the content they are hosting.

But the site is loved and encouraged by many people who love to use those DVD covers for their downloaded illegal contents. When one downloads or purchases a movie or video-game illegally, they do not have original covers for such DVDs.

People would want to have them in original artworks rather than some cheap low resolution and irrelevant image. They design an entire cover and the sticker of CD/DVD in a too high resolution.

These images uploaded by freecovers are quickly up to 4000 to 5000 pixels. You cannot find such high-resolution covers for your DVDs if you search them on google. It is rare and creative to do such. This site helps non-original DVDs to have bright and more beautiful relevant images as covers too.

The Legal Ban

As the content they host is copyrighted by the respective studios and production of those movies and games, Freecovers are taken down by the DMCA. They have hosted many sites with different domains, but the DMCA hunt did not leave their trail. Their new sites get blocked too. Freecovers, unlike other blocked sites, are slow at responding to their blocks. But they sure upload all the content they have in their database when they create new domains.

Ways to Access Freecovers

You cannot access the freecovers even using a VPN because the entire site is lifted off the radar. If you are to access the site, you must wait for them to create a new domain. Creating a new domain gives them a few months before they get blocked again. Meanwhile, the only option to get your hands over some DVD artwork is by accessing similar websites.

Many sites are as popular as freecovers in hosting DVD artwork. These sites imitate freecovers, but the content is not as full as the original. The menu feels short compared to freecovers, but you can get hold of many mainstream and famous movies, video-game DVD covers with no difficulty.

Popular alternatives

1. Cover Addict

This website allows you to download DVD covers too, but they have premium content. They allow only their premium customers to download the DVD covers. They do not seem to be hosting legal content with rights, but they still chose to sell their artwork instead of giving it out for free.

2. Covercity

This site is as famous as Freecovers but paid. Even being paid, this site has reasonable amounts and excellent stuff. The site offers DVD covers for almost every movie and video-game. Their artwork is applauded, and people even buy them because of the aesthetically pleasing covers.

3. AllCDCovers

Like Freecovers, AllCDCovers is a free DVD covers the hosting website. The covers of almost every movie are present and even in high resolutions. Not as high as Freecovers, but still high enough for a good print!

4. DVD Covers

This site is mostly what you are looking for! This website offers various DVD covers for free. You do not even need to be their premium or VIP customer to download the covers.

All you need to do is visit the site, search the movie, show, or game cover you want, click on it, and download the images.

Many covers for the single movie are also present. This site offers different artworks for a single video-game too. It is one of the cool DVD cover sites after freecovers.

5. CoverCentury

The cover century has a beautifully designed website that does not look like a site giving it illegal artwork. Its interface and the look of it makes it feel standard and an official website.

CoverCentury has a vast database of covers, and all you need to do is right click and save the image to download it.

The images are available in an excellent resolution, which is suitable for print. The images are excellently detailed, sharp, and accurately measured to be CD covers.

6. DVDCoverArt

This website is yet another one that follows the footsteps of freecovers. But unlike its influences, it is a VIP only page that allows only premium customers to download the photos. The website interface looks a bit rushed and a fanboy design. But the service is outstanding and reliable.

7. CoverBox

CoverBox is one of the cool guys that allows everyone to download the DVD artwork for free. The interface is not too good and looks rushed. Because of the interface, the website is pretty much confusing.

But the important thing is that the covers are available for free. It is what matters! Once gotten used to, we can excuse bad interfaces and enjoy the available content.

8. TheCoverProject

TheCoverProject has its fan base like freecovers and is still working! The website is okay and informative. It does not get much disturbing, and nor is it beautiful. It is a simple website with what needs to be there.

The straightforward design enables the user to directly search and browse for the covers they are looking for. The video-game covers that these website supplies are the highlight because of the resolution and excellent artworks.

9. Covers Fable 

Covers Fable, like other alternatives of Freecovers, offers a wide range of menu when it comes to the CD covers. The website design is excellent and standard. One can comfortably browse what they want through the informative and classy looking website.

The covers are to be magnified and downloaded by right-clicking on them and saving the images. The only problem with this website is the resolution of these images.

The images are not as high as what other free sites offer. And many posters are offered in a low resolution and make a grainy print.

10. FreeCustomLabels

This website had nothing to do with CD covers. But if you are looking forward to making your CD covers, this is where you would want to look. You can upload the image you want to be on the CD cover, and it shows you a preview of how the cover might look.

If you do not like it, you can edit the image a bit using your skills. Adjust the image onto the cover as much as you like. If you love your edits, this is your chance to create a beautiful CD cover artwork.


These sites provide artwork for CD/DVD covers, and it is almost necessary for the fans of art to look legitimate. Many people are forced to look at illegitimate ways to download copyrighted content. But deep down, everyone wants original works with CD covers and good qualities. Everyone loves a good CD cover.

Thanks to departmental stores, we can now purchase new CD cases to store our pirated movie /game/ music CDs. If we can be able to download artwork for these CD cases and stickers for CDs, we can still stick them to the CD and feel legitimate. We can feel what the people who buy them feel too. We are granting a legal stamp by printing these covers and using them!

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