Gamers are turning to Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to encrypt their connections and mask their locations at a time when trolling, doxing, and swatting incidents are a concern. Good VPNs also help gamers circumvent geo-blocks used by video streaming and gaming platforms to restrict access to people in certain geographical locations.

But some gamers are uneasy about using VPNs because they believe that they slow down Internet connections and affect the performance of their favorite titles.

Why Do VPNs Slow Down Internet Connections?

VPNs work by creating a secure and private network tunnel between a device and a VPN server. This process requires resources and can reduce Internet speed. However, in the modern age of fast Internet packages, the performance hit is usually negligible when using a cutting-edge VPN service.

How Do I Test My VPN?

The best way to check your VPN’s speed is to run a speed test while your VPN is deactivated and rerun it after you’ve connected to a VPN server. You shouldn’t notice a significant difference with a top VPN. However, you may notice a significant drop in connection speed with one that uses outdated technology, like a free VPN service.

As a gamer, you should probably avoid free VPNs because they’re incredibly sluggish due to the high level of traffic they carry. Additionally, many free VPNs are known to spy on users and sell their data.

It’s also a good idea to check if the VPN is masking your Internet connection by checking your IP address on Google before and after activating the VPN. Your IP address may be leaking if your notice the same IP address, and you may need to disconnect and reconnect to a new server.

What are the Signs of a Top VPN Service for Gamers?

Picking a top VPN for gamers can be tricky, with so many services vying for your attention. Here are a few signs of a service that will consistently offer fast connections:

  • Top marks on the VPN speed test.
  • Dozens of servers across multiple locations worldwide.
  • A pledge to avoid spying and data logging, which can affect performance.

Additionally, an excellent VPN service for gamers should use a superior protocol like WireGuard. A VPN’s protocol is the set of rules that determines the tunnel’s speed, stability, and security. While some VPN protocols are known for their pace, others are known for their safety. More VPN service providers are switching to WireGuard because it offers a secure and fast connection.

For example, cybersecurity company Malwarebytes — renowned for its anti-malware and antivirus products, made waves for launching its contemporary VPN service. Critics have praised their trailblazing VPN because it uses WireGuard with AES-256 AES encryption.

OpenVPN Vs WireGuard

VPN service providers are also ditching old favorites like OpenVPN for the newer protocol because WireGuard is significantly quicker than OpenVPN. WireGuard is also easier to set up than OpenVPN and much leaner.

With so many VPN services out there, take the time to find the right one. A technologically advanced VPN that’s secure, hides your IP address and helps bypass geo-blocks is a good bet.

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