In the context of this article’s title, what is the textbook definition of Illegal? The textbook definition of the term Illegal refers to something contrary or forbidden by law, especially in criminal law. That definition may scare you a bit, however, the term Illegal will refer to something very serious and does not apply to every single wrong thing, albeit not very serious. The topic that is to be discussed in this article is whether or not the Tamilmv site is illegal. Before we discuss this topic, for those unaware, you can read what the Tamilmv site is all about.

A Small Note On The Tamilmv Site.


The Tamilmv site may sound to be a dream site for some. The basic premise of this site is that it allows the user to view the latest movies available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu to name a few. It is ideal for those who wish to watch and keep up with the various movies and series, even if they do not have the money to go to the movies or spend on the plethora of OTT platforms. The user can easily access and download the latest movies without paying a single penny. It sounds like a dream, does it not? Well, sometimes you may feel it is too good to be true. Worry not this is true, however, it comes with a small Issue.

The Tiny Issue!

banned 2.jpg

After the not so small note on the Tamilmv site, you may be thinking “Where is the link, I want to use it now!” well, there is a small issue. The problem is that the site is blocked/ banned by the government. Yes, it is banned, but no action will be taken against you if you use the site. The reason for this is that this would potentially result in reduced income for those who are streaming this content (OTT platforms) and for all the various movie halls around the world. The site resembles the use case of another site that faced a similar issue. So, which site was that, you may ask? It’s Torrent.

Another One?


The Torrent site was very popular and notoriously famous some time ago. Early 2000’s kids know what I’m talking about. The site allowed the users to download and view various movies alongside games, software, and many more things. It allowed the user to choose the differing qualities of videos to download and stream. Many students used this site to view the latest movies of that time, and this site, basically became like a household name. But, like most good things, it got taken away before we could utilize it to its full potential. Similar to the Tamilmv site, the Torrent site got banned and downloads were not possible at that time. The advancements were also less at that time, paired with many people not being able to understand how to access it. All this led to the site becoming a bit obsolete and most users stopped using it. Now, coming to how you can use the Tamilmv site to make sure it does not become the next Torrent. We have a proper tutorial with various methods on how to access the Tamilmv site, however, we will list out one of the main methods to do so.

Method: Changing Of Domain

One of the simplest methods to access the Tamilmv site, the government has banned the Http link of the site. So, you can follow the steps below to access the Tamilmv site by changing the domain name.

Step 1: Open your native/preferred browser, be it Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, or something else.

Step 2: Enter the name of the site, in this case, Tamilmv.

Step 3: Instead of the HTTP link present on your search-bar, add the https link (Add the additional(s)).

Step 4: If it does not work, follow the alternative method of the Domain change process.

Alternative Way

Step 1: Enter the Tamilmv site name on your search bar.

Step 2: Various results will be shown. Select the one for the original Tamilmv site.

Step 3: You will be taken to the site.

Hence, by following these steps, you can access the site. Hope we have been able to answer your query of whether or not, the Tamilmv site is Illegal. We hope you can access this site and use it to its full potential.

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