USB flash drives offer numerous benefits. From convenience, portability, to large space capacity, USB flash drives have so much to offer. However, they are prone to viruses and even malware attacks. Plus, USB flash drives can lose data because of so many reasons. From drive failures, system shutdown, to virus infection—USB flash drives can lose your valuable data. However, you can protect your USB flash drive from these risks. Here are proven tips and tricks for protecting your USB flash drive.

Be Responsible With Your Online Behaviors

Online behaviors can put your flash disk at risk of contracting viruses. So, don’t download links you don’t know. Stay away from visiting unknown links. Don’t download infected software. Avoid malicious email attachments. Remember, most viruses originate from the internet. So, it’s important to be responsible and be disciplined when going around your online activities.

Scan Your PC Regularly

Another important way of protecting our USB flash disk is scanning your PC with a reliable antivirus software. Do it on a regular basis. It’s important to scan your computer on a daily basis. It will give you a rough idea regarding the status of your computer. Doing so protects your USB flash drive from viruses. If viruses are detected, consider cleaning your computer.

Scan the USB Flash Drive before Making Any Data Transfer

It’s also important to scan all your drives, including the USB ones, before doing any file transfer. This will help detect viruses earlier. If you detect any viruses, consider blocking or cleaning your drives. This will prevent them from infecting your computer and other drives by extension. Use modern antivirus software. Most of them come with advanced features such as auto-scan the USB drives the moment it is detected.

Know the Files You Want To Transfer

Know the type of files you intend to transfer. Understand the data transmission process. Plus, it’s important to note that during the data transmission process, the USB flash drive is the most venerable hardware. That’s why you should always endeavor to confirm the identities of files to be transferred. Experts advise people to consider transferring files individually. Avoid copy-pasting a bunch of files. Stay away from zipped files. They can hide viruses and infect your USB flash drive.

Wipe by Formatting

If your USB flash drive has been infected by viruses, consider formatting it. Remember, an infected drive cannot be cleaned. Also, you cannot remove the files. The only option you are left with is to format the drive. With formatting, you have the power to wipe everything in the drives—including the viruses.

Portable Antivirus Application

Purchase a portable antivirus application. You can insert this application directly on the drive. The antivirus application can scan any computer and protect your flash disk from viruses.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let viruses or system failure destroy your bulk flash drives. Use the above tips and tricks to protect your USB flash drives. From taking great care when going about your online activities to investing in good antivirus protection—these tips will give your USB flash drive maximum protection.

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