Windows Server is a Microsoft distribution for server use. It is developed in the programming language of C ++ and Assembler. It is a multi-process and multi-user system that today millions of companies around the world use thanks to the features and advantages it offers.

The first version of the system was Windows 2000 Server, launched at the beginning of the new millennium. It was designed to be the file, print, and web server of SMEs. It was an excellent solution when it was not necessary to have a server dedicated to each task. Therefore, people could have everything centralized on a single server. It was able to support up to four processors.

Over time, Microsoft has gradually added notable improvements to this Windows Server 2019 system. The most recent version adapts precisely to the needs of today’s world. It is focused on four primary keys:

  • Hybrid system
  • Better security
  • Application platform
  • Hyperconvergence Infrastructure

If you want to know more about Windows commands ad how to choose the best VPS Windows Hosting in India, this article is for you!

When to use a Windows server?

Windows Server is developed in C ++ and Assembler. One of its most outstanding features for work teams is that it is a multi-user system. Therefore, it is a system that all employees of a certain company can use, thus centralizing the management and administration of files.

VPS Windows hosting is recommended in two situations. First, when the server or corporate hosting is intended for the development of specific technologies such as ASP.Net and/or when the company has databases with SQL Server or Access.

The advantages offered by Windows Server as an Operating System are relevant to favor the work of programmers and developers and, therefore, improve corporate results. It has a very simple administration so that people can handle the system can quickly and efficiently. Besides, it stands out for being very flexible.

Main functions of Windows Server

  • Server virtualization: Windows Server offers companies around the world the tools they need to create and manage a virtualized server environment. Thus, they have the possibility of replicating a specific virtual machine from one place to another, without the need for shared storage.
  • Server management: Server Core and Nano Server offer a minimal environment for the execution of various server-specific functions.
  • Direct Access: one of the main features that define Windows Server is known as “tunnel.” It allows access to the network from any computer equipment. It provides faster than traditional VPN connections.

How to Choose the Best Windows Hosting in 2020 and beyond

The requirements for the right Windows Server 2020 are relatively challenging:

  • Processor: Processor performance depends on both the clock frequency and the number of cores and cache size. The processor must have at least 64 bits at 1.4 GHz. Also, it must be compatible with the x64 instruction set and support: DEP, NX, CMPXCHG16b, LAHF / SAHFm PrefetchW, and second-level address translation (EPT or NPT ).
  • RAM: RAM must be at least 512 MB. If you want to install Server with Desktop Experience, the capacity must be at least 2 GB.
  • ROM: Any computer running Windows Server 2019 has to include a storage adapter compatible with the features of the PCI Express architecture. The minimum ROM memory required is 32 GB.
  • Network adapter: As for network adapters, they must have a minimum throughput capacity of 1 GB and be compatible with the PCI Express architecture specification.
  • Others: In addition, Microsoft sets other requirements: DVD drive, secure platform module, monitor that supports Super VGA resolution, Internet access and UEFI 2.3.1c-based system.

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