For websites, balanced text and graphics are essential. Meanwhile, people primarily acquire information from the web through texts, so it is vital to focus on typography. Typography is about modifying words within a design while producing compelling content. It makes text attractive, preserving your content’s aesthetic value at the same time. Most importantly, your content’s font and font size set your site’s overall tone. It also helps provide a better user experience.

Pay attention to the font and font size you use for particular content, as these two play a massive role in typography. Read on to learn about the important benefits of typography.

Attracts the readers

To attract readers, your website should have clean and simple typography. Fonts can help your readers perceive information from the text. The suitable font, font size, and color can attract your target audience and keep them reading your content at the same time. Highlighting text that has more importance also helps keep the interest of your readers.

Creates and builds recognition

Using a pattern of fonts and font sizes in your website consistently will create a sense of familiarity for your audience. A website’s typography adds value to your company brand as it presents some rhythm to your site that people will somehow remember.

Works as a medium of communication

A website could be about a company, art, or a specific product. Whenever someone visits a website, it’s easy to figure out what kind of information it offers due to its typography. The way the contents are organized, the fonts and colors used, and other minor aspects give a sense of communication between the website owner and the visitor.

However, there are people with disabilities who can’t acquire information through text. In this case, the website should have an accessibility widget where text-to-speech and other accessibility tools can be accessed.

Conveys a particular feeling or mood

The font and font sizes you use can also give off a feeling or mood that your business wants to express. For instance, a website intended for a young audience should have a fun and youthful typography design.

Meanwhile, the typography of a news website should have a sense of seriousness or formality. The fonts must be plain, simple, and professional. The typeface chosen affects how the content is interpreted.

Establishes information hierarchy

Information hierarchy categorizes texts in content depending on their level of importance. It organizes your content to be easier to understand for the readers.

Font sizes and font types play a vital role in the information hierarchy. Bigger font sizes highlight important texts or topics, while smaller ones show less importance. Making a text all caps also gives emphasis.


In a nutshell, choosing the right font and font size is necessary to make the information on your website easier to grasp. Since people will visit your website mostly for the information, making your content easier to read and understand will provide your audience with a better experience.

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