Mi account is a service provided by Xiaomi that anyone can use to sign into Xiaomi’s products and services and utilize them to their full extent. A Mi account is not necessary to access Xiaomi’s services and products but for better experience and functionality it is recommended to use one. The Mi account provides functionality such as data sync across devices, locating lost devices, cloud storage, data backup and restore, etc.

What features Mi account provides

You can access all the Xiaomi products and services using a single Mi account. The Mi account is responsible for features such as

● Syncing photos, call history, contacts, messages, browser bookmarks, etc across all your devices with Mi cloud.
● Selecting and downloading themes for any Mi device from the theme store.
● Buying products from the Mi store.
● Accessing data stored in your Mi cloud account and for using backup and restore feature when moving to a new device.
● For suggesting new features, report bugs and posting feedback to the official Mi forum.

What is Mi sync?

Mi sync is a feature provided by Xiaomi that can be used by adding your Mi account to your Mi device. Mi sync uses Mi cloud to store and sync data across all other devices having the same Mi account. This feature can be used for various purposes such as

● You can synchronize and backup your contacts effortlessly and resync them if you move to a new device.
● You can also synchronize your browser bookmarks, app settings, messages, call recordings, call history, calendar events, photos, notes, etc across different devices.
● You can access this data outside of your device by going to this i.mi.com and log in with your Mi account.

What is Mi cloud?

Every Mi account is linked to a Mi cloud id which by default provides 5gb of free storage space to every user. This storage space can be used for any purpose such as a backup and storage space or you can also upload your images and documents on the Mi cloud for safekeeping.

● The available free storage space can be increased from 5gb by upgrading to a paid plan.
● ll the services that you use or add to your Mi account will use the same 5gb from the free plan.
● If you run out of space, you either need to delete some data from your Mi cloud or upgrade to a paid plan with more storage space.

Users can also download the Mi cloud desktop app and manage their data using their computers.

How to manage your Mi account?

You can manage your Mi account by visiting http://account.xiaomi.com.
You can manage various things of your account such as

● Change password, recovery email, and recovery phone number.
● Update personal info such as nickname gender, locale, personal data rights.
● You can also manage account permissions and connect google and facebook accounts to your Mi account.

Whenever you modify any setting in your account details you will get a verification message. Without the phone verification, you cannot change any details even if you have the password. It is important to set a recovery email as losing your password can cause many troubles for you.

How to recover your Mi account password?

It may happen that you may lose your Mi account password. Recovering your password for your Mi account is pretty easy. You need to follow few simple steps to reset your password

● Visit this link from your browser https://account.xiaomi.com
● Now click on forgot password and enter your registered email id or phone number. If you enter an email address,

you will receive an email in your mailbox with the verification code. If you use a mobile number then you will receive a one time password that you have to enter to reset your password.

Sometimes it may happen that you may forget your password and may get locked out of your device. In that case, you can use mi account unlock tool.

What type of information does Mi account collect?

Since Mi account is a service provided by Xiaomi Inc, it collects some information so as to provide a better user experience. This is done to customize the service to some extent as per the user’s needs. The type of information collected depends upon the service being used such as

● Registration and Login – At the time of registration, the user needs to provide their mobile number or email address for the verification of their account. Your email address or the mobile number is used as the Mi account name and is encrypted and then stored on the server. If you are from the Chinese mainland then Xiaomi automatically obtains your mobile phone number and fills it in the required fields.

● Improvement of account information – while using the Mi account, Xiaomi needs you to provide basic information such as avatar, nickname, gender, country/region, and encryption status. Some functions of the Mi account are unavailable if you do not provide this information.

● Registration and login security – to enhance security and prevent any kind of cyberattacks such as phishing, or identity fraud, Xiaomi verifies your identity using a verification message that is sent on your registered mobile phone number or the email address that you used to create the Mi account. Other than this, Xiaomi also collects additional data such as registration/login time, device information such as IMEI, OS version and device model. It also collects network information such as IP address and the location of the user at the time of registration or login.

How to delete your Mi account

If you no longer want to use your Mi account you can delete it. Deleting your Mi account will remove all your personal data and files from Xiaomi’s servers. To delete your Mi account just follow the below-given steps.

● Open your browser and visit this link https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/del
● If you are not already logged in your Mi account, log in it.
● Once you are logged in you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to delete your account.
● Once you are sure that you want to delete your account tick mark the “Yes, I want to permanently delete my Mi Account and all its data.” and click on Delete Mi Account button.
● It will now send a verification code to your email id or mobile phone number.
● Enter the verification code in the given field and click on the Submit button. If you don’t receive a verification code just click on resend code.
● Once all is done, your Mi account will be deleted permanently.

Deleting Mi account will also delete all information related to your account such as

● Mi Credits that you’ve purchased but haven’t spent.
● Photos and contacts you’ve synced with the cloud.
● Themes you’ve purchased in the MIUI Theme Store.
● In-app purchases associated with this account.
● Mi.com purchase history.


Mi account is a service provided by Xiaomi and should be used if you want to access services provided by Xiaomi. If you own a Mi account you will need to register a Mi account in order to utilize the full potential of all the Mi account features.

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  1. So are you from the USA and you do beiit to be a safe option for me to activate an account?

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