If a breed could be a true example of a dog in all its positive traits, then it is the Boxer. These dogs are often described as eternal puppies because they keep playfulness and cheerfulness for a long time. The owners know that these big dogs have a big heart. And above all, they are popular due to their attachment to the family.

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Boxers are a fairly tolerant and friendly dog breed. That is why they are often the choice of families with children. They do not require too much maintenance and can be great pets, even for singles. But there are some things you shouldn’t forget when it comes to Boxers.

Loneliness Haters

The Boxer dog is known for its love of family, so you must take care of them as if they were your kids. They won’t mind if you forget to feed them. But they won’t forgive if you don’t pet them. So whenever you can, give a few seconds of attention to your four-legged friend.

The bad news for future owners may be the fact that Boxers can’t stand loneliness. If you plan to leave the house and leave this dog unattended, prepare for chaos. Sure, this problem can be solved with proper training, but even then, there is a risk of destructive behavior in lone pups.

Great Loyalty

You have to remember that Boxers like to be around their humans. These pups enjoy people so much and recognize a friend, whether it’s a human or another animal. They are thrilled when surrounded by familiar faces, especially kids.

These medium-sized dogs will be very protective of the family. Still, you can’t expect them to attack a possible threat first. But you will hear a pretty intensive bark that should alert you. These dogs will react only when they or their family feel endangered. In that case, you might see their fearlessness in all its glory. Luckily, these situations are rare, and your pet will probably be a couch potato who can’t wait for cuddles.

Delicate Health

Cynological research shows infamous statistics – Boxers can be easily bothered by common health problems that other breeds might not be sensitive to. Get these animals only from certified breeders. On this website, learn how to recognize them.

For example, this breed is the most prone to cancer, although other diseases such as allergies, epilepsy, and indigestion, etc., also occur. White-haired dogs often suffer from ear and eye infections that can lead to deafness and blindness. Also, their skin is sensitive to the sun.

Despite this fact, Boxers can be the perfect choice for a pet. But you can’t neglect it, as a sick pet can be a huge burden and expense. If you opt for these dogs, you need to take them to regular and preventative veterinary checkups. That way, you will notice potential health problems in time and help your pet overcome or deal with them more easily.

Regular Activity Is a Must

Not many breeds can compete with Boxers when it comes to physics. These dogs are inborn athletes, and they must exercise to stay fit. That is why they need regular walks, plenty of work and training, and an owner with a firm hand.

Boxers like to run, so let them in the backyard, beach, or nearby dog park whenever you can. If you hike, exercise, or jog outside, you can take your pet with you. They can be great workout companions.

Although they generally like water, some Boxers are not good swimmers. If your pet has a short snout, don’t let them in the lake or sea, as short airways can be problematic. Dogs with a more pronounced nose love water and swimming. For the first contact with water, choose a place where your pet can quickly get in and out, and always keep an eye on them.

Short Hair Doesn’t Mean Less Care


Let’s get this straight – Boxers are not a high-maintenance breed. But you can’t say their care requirements are low, either. These pups are easy to groom, even when you don’t take them to a professional. But you should do that if you have a problem with a stubborn pet, especially when you have to cut their nails.

Boxers need to have a weekly brush with a firm brush to remove the extra hair. When they shed, they need to get bathed at least once every week. Avoid harsh pet cosmetics, as this breed is known for its sensitive skin.

Due to their short fur, Boxers don’t do well in the too hot or cold weather. So don’t force them to stay outside for too long during the winter or dog days of summer. Keep your walks short and ensure your pet always has enough fresh water.

Enjoy Other Animals

The friendliness of Boxers reflects in their tolerance and willingness to be around other dogs. So, if you have dogs of another canine breed, Boxers will fit perfectly with them. They will love to go for walks with their buddies. They also like to play around with other animals. But don’t trust them completely, especially when they’re around smaller dogs. Keep your pet leashed just in case, so they can’t pull or bite other animals.

Boxers are exceptional pets, but you have to be good with them. Don’t let them be the bosses. You are the owner, and so you should impose yourself as a pack leader. These pups have some specific characteristics that not everyone can handle, but these make them special.

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