In the past few years, the first Gen Z adults have begun to make their mark in the world. These youngsters have the misfortune of coming into adulthood in one of the most uncertain times in human history, with the climate crisis and the recent COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront. If you’re one of these people, you might be worried about your future, especially if you want to start your own business.

However, with the right skillset, you can do anything you put your mind to. you have the advantage of growing up in the internet era and knowing how to navigate its complex fields. So, most of the time, your best tool will be a decent internet connection, such as the ones Spectrum offers. Apart from that, you’ll need to train yourself in a set of skills that will help you deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and emerge successfully.


Entrepreneurship is defined by innovation. You need to present an idea that no one has thought of before. Of course, in our knowledge-based world with constant technological progress, this may seem difficult. However, just looking at a basic part of life with a different perspective can do the trick.

After all, who would have thought something like renting scooters using your phone and then just leaving them wherever you need to? But Lime did exactly this, and is now one of the top micromobility firms out there. All you need is an idea or a different point of view on things, and there you go. A key part of this is asking yourself how you can make life easier for others, and build on from there.


In this constantly changing world, you’ll often find yourself faced with completely new situations and problems. However, if you panic or react too slowly, you might lose major opportunities and end up affecting your company’s performance. Instead, you should take each situation head-on, and see how you can turn it into an opportunity.

This trait was particularly evident once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and there were lockdowns all over the world. The companies which adapted and shifted gear survived, while those who just stuck to their guns found themselves in trouble.

Cultural Awareness

The world is now an increasingly globalized place, and you will find yourself interacting with people from diverse cultures. This is a positive development, but if you are not aware of major cultural practices, there might be some issues, especially when it comes to your public impression.

Make sure you are aware of the practices and restrictions of the people who work with you or you interact with. Respect these practices, and promote a corporate culture which celebrates them. This will also help you develop products which are suitable for everyone. Just be wary of cultural appropriation, and do not be afraid to ask questions which clear things up for you.

Communication Skills

Now, entrepreneurship is not just confined to your office. In fact, you may not even have an office at all at this point in time. Instead, you probably interact with employees, clients, and vendors via online methods. Therefore, you need to have strong communication skills which make your point clear and affirm that you’re someone who takes action.

These communication skills are particularly important when in this age of remote work, you have never even personally met the people you talk to. On the bright side, this lets you work with the best people for your requirements instead of being confined by geographical limits.


This might be one of the most important skills you’ll need in this day and age. After all, with all the uncertainty, the only thing certain is that you’ll be hit with numerous obstacles and roadblocks. However, you must not let these setbacks discourage you. Instead, you should learn from them and emerge stronger than ever before.

Of course, this might be difficult, but persistence is the key. You’ll need to stand strong against defeat, and keep some capital and resources aside for rainy days. With enough planning and quick thinking, you’ll manage well.

In conclusion, new-gen entrepreneurs have a lot to deal with. However, if you develop a strong skillset and remain persistent, you’ll make strides in your industry.

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