Not only are prestigious sporting events fun to watch, they’re also enjoyable to place bets on, in a bid to beat the bookies. Here are some of the best racing tips for betting on these fantastic sporting events, so that you can place your bets with confidence.

The Ashes Series

Cricket is a common sport for many to place bets on, as the game can last up to five days. The slow-pace of The Ashes makes it ideal for both live and in-game betting, with punters having the opportunity to cancel the bets they no longer wish to make throughout this thrilling tournament.

Best Tip – Back the Home Side

Most fans of the sport will agree that it feels like a pretty even playing field for both teams throughout the Ashes, so a good tip is to back the home side if you’re undecided. The home team are more likely to know their home conditions better and are therefore more likely to have the upper hand.

Popular Bet – The Ashes Player of the Series

Predicting the player of the series is a popular bet for this sporting event, as it’s arguably an easy bet to make if you’re clued up on knowledge of both teams. While it may seem an impossible wager to make ahead of the game, once the tournament has started, you’ll have days in this slow-paced sport to make your predictions.

The Grand National

Horse racing is always a very popular sport with punters and the Grand National is no exception, attracting bettors from around the world to take part in all the action.

Best Tip – Check Out the Horse’s Favoured Weather Conditions and Track Formation

As many fans of the sport know, the weather can make a huge difference to the final result in any horse race, including the Grand National. While some horses prefer dry weather conditions, others race better on wet, softer surfaces. Be sure to find out this information ahead of placing your bet to increase your chances of picking a winner.

Popular Bet – Show Bet

Although the pay-out for a show bet is smaller than when you bet a win, it’s still hugely popular with punters as it’s a smaller risk of losing. To win a show bet, your horse must simply place first, second or third in the race.


Being such a well-known event, the Wimbledon tennis tournament attracts a lot of casual bettors who wouldn’t ordinarily gamble on sports, which can increase the value of each bet. Points, sets and matches can all be bet on.

Best Tip – Get to Know Service and Returns

Especially in the men’s tennis matches, the serving and returning game is essential to determining a win. Understanding the aspects of the service game can only improve and develop your betting in the Wimbledon


Popular Bet – Outright Bet

Outright betting is betting on the outright tournament winner – which often has a large pay-out. Most bookmakers will offer each way bets, with 1/3 of the odds on the place of your favourite, and the rest if your choice comes first or second.

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