Are you a regular visitor of Tamilmv and worried because the website is banned by the Internet Service providers? Then don’t worry you have landed on the right page. Tamilmv has been a one-stop destination for downloading Movies especially in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Language but now it’s not opening anymore for a lot of people. That’s what today’s article is all about. In this article, we are going to talk about Tamilmv, why is it so popular, the reason behind the ban and help you find the new link to the website.

Nowadays we are consuming much more media on our smartphones and laptops than we used to before. There will be rarely anyone who doesn’t want to see a movie when there is a lot of content available on our fingertips. Although Movies are meant to watch in theaters there are a majority of people who simply can’t go to a theater hall. In that case, the only option left is to download the latest movie from the internet and then watch it at your home whenever you want. This seems like an easy idea but it’s definitely not.

Sometimes finding your favorite movie on the internet requires a lot of hard work and most of the time you won’t even find what you were looking for. You can get it easily if the movie is available on Online Movie Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar but that too comes with a cost and you have to buy a monthly subscription. To solve this problem several different websites have come up who allow you to watch Movies in Regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Tamilmv is among one of them and is quite popular.

What is Tamilmv?

This is one of the most popular websites amongst the people who regularly download Tamil and Hindi Movies online for free. Basically, it is a public torrent website and you get all the movies here in the form of the torrent. The torrent is a great way of sharing Pirated contents and this website takes the complete advantage of it.

As per the name suggests this website is mainly focused on providing you movies to download in regional language. When you visit the website, you will mostly find South Indian Movies which are in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi dubbed. Most of the movies released in India is later dubbed in these languages to make the movie available for everyone.

TamilMV Screenshot

Apart from this, you will also find other Hollywood and English movies dubbed in Hindi here. This website is not just limited to Movies but there are several popular TV shows available on this website to download for free. Many times, you will find the movie available just a day after it was released however, they will be in low quality.

Other than that, you will find movies in High definition as soon as they are available and to check how the quality is – there are screenshots always attached. If you love watching all the latest movies for free then this website is a heaven for you. The design of the website is also very good and there are several mirror links to each moviemaking everything much easier.

What happened to Tamilmv?

Since there are a lot of people joining the internet, Piracy has become a common thing nowadays. Piracy is basically getting something that has a price tag for free. If someone finds a piece of content that is pirated then obviously, he might want to share it with friends who are also looking for the same thing. This is how it’s spreading a lot and the number is increasing day by day and has already grown to an extent that it’s become almost impossible to stop. When all these are available on their fingertips, there will be a majority of people who try to save their money by downloading Movies from websites like Tamilmv instead of watching them in actual theaters.

Due to this, movie makers have to bear losses. When the piracy is done on a large scale it is a big pain for the filmmakers because it takes a ton of money, time and effort to make just one movie. To tackle this issue filmmakers are taking legal actions against websites that promote Piracy. The government is also trying its best to stop this thing. So now when there is support from the government it is very easy for the filmmakers to take legal action against these websites and take them down instantly. This is exactly what happened with Tamilmv and now you clearly know the reason why it is not opening.

Tamilmv New Domain

There are several types of bans that can be imposed on a website it can either be geo-restricted with the help of Internet Service Providers or the domain will be completely disabled by the court orders. This doesn’t stop the website owners from creating a new website and start everything again. Once the old domain is blocked, they create a new domain and the website will be live again. This is the same case with Tamilmv, it was banned but now it’s life again with a completely different domain. Below you will find all the new links for the Tamilmv website so you can start watching your favorite movies again.

Note: We does not support or promote piracy by any means. Our main intention from this article is to give information about Piracy, what is illegal and what’s not. All the information on this page is just for educational purposes. We strongly recommend everyone to don’t fall on the wrong side of the law and watch movies in theaters instead of pirating them.

How to download Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Movies on Tamilmv

So now that you have got all the information about the new website of Tamilmv the next thing you might want to do is to download the movie. Using and Downloading Movies from Tamilmv is very simple and the procedure is also the same as you do with other torrent websites. Before getting started, you should download a Torrent Downloader app to download files from the torrent.

It is because Tamilmv is a website which provides movie in the form of torrent only. You can download movies on both Android and Windows Operating System, just download the uTorrent or BitTorrent Downloader app for Windows and the same app is available on Android as well. We also recommend you to download a VPN software on your devices such as ExpressVPN or Nord VPN. There are both free and paid ones and they will help you to protect your privacy while you are visiting websites who share pirated movies or tv shows. Using a VPN will make sure you stay anonymous and nobody can trace back to you.

Here’s the Step by Step Guide to download Movie from Tamilmv:

Start by visiting the website from any of the links listed above. Once you opened the link you will land on the website’s homepage. Sometimes the domain will redirect you to a different website so don’t worry about that. It may be because the current domain is blocked.

Once you are on the homepage you will find all the latest updates. All the movies released or available in the past couple of weeks will be directly on the homepage so you don’t have to search for them. You can also find your favorite movie from the search bar.

If you don’t know what to watch then simply checkout different categories such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English as well as there is a separate page for TV Shows and Live TV channels. Once you have found your movie simply select the quality in which you would like to download.

TamilMV 2nd Screenshot

You will find several links to download, just click any of them. Now it will download a torrent file which is usually very small in size. When you click on the torrent file it will open the torrent downloader app which is installed on your Windows or Android device.

Let’s say you have uTorrent App opened so now it will show you the download size and there you can also select the location where you want to store the downloaded file. Now just click on Start and it will start downloading your favorite movie.

You have to wait for a while until the download is completed. It completely depends on your internet speed and what are the Seeders/Lechers ratio. You will get this if you have used torrent before otherwise, you can check out some tutorials to learn more about torrenting.

So now that your movie has downloaded you can start watching it and enjoy your free time. Lastly, I would like to tell you about the advertisements on the website. They are sometimes annoying as they keep popping up different pages but to get something for free, you have to be little patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to download a movie from Tamilmv?

Yes! according to the law, downloading and sharing copyrighted content is illegal. If you are doing this then you are on the wrong side of the law. To prevent this, you have to hide your identity and you can do so by downloading a VPN app.

It is safe to download movies?

No! Visiting such sites are not safe at all. In most cases these will not cause any harm but since there are a lot of ads showing on the website you may end up downloading a malware so beware of what you are doing on the website.

How to unlock Tamilmv?

Websites who share Pirated contents keep getting blocked. To unlock Tamilmv and another such website that is banned by the government simply use a VPN App or use the Proxy VPN method and you might have the website unblocked for you.

How to download Tamilmv Mobile App?

There is no official app of Tamilmv. A lot of websites claim to provide the official app but instead, they are unofficial or fake ones and you should not trust them. Simply use the Tamilmv website to download your favorite movies and TV shows.

Is it legal to watch movies on the Tamilmv website?

No, it is not legal to watch or download any of the Pirated content which is floating on the internet. Although you cannot stream directly on the website, to watch a movie you have to download it. By doing so you are obtaining a pirated copy of the material which is illegal.


Tamilmv is a one-stop destination for movies released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi language. There are several other websites that share regional contents but they are not as good as Tamilmv. You have a large collection of movies here and this is what makes it most popular.

Since the long-lasting domain of Tamilmv was blocked it really left its users worried. But now the website is live again and you can visit them through a lot of new URLs. So, there you have it. All the new domains of the Tamilmv website are listed above. This article explains everything about the Tamilmv and the backstory behind its ban. Hopefully, you found what you were looking for and now you can start watching your favorite regional movie once again.

In case you face any problem while downloading movies from Tamilmv then feel free to comment below and we will try to help you out. You can also bookmark this page just in case the website disappears again, we will keep you guys updated.

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