Marketing is all about increasing customer engagement with your brand. It sounds easy enough on paper, but truth be told, it’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Well, maybe not blood.

Every business wants more traction so that it can attract more customers. But today’s marketing rulebook has gone through some big changes, which didn’t exist a decade ago. And that’s mainly because of how the internet has become the lifeblood of everything, including business. Harnessing the power of the internet works wonders for marketing and doesn’t break the bank either! Here are the top tried and tested marketing strategies that will work wonders for you.

Pair up with an influencer

Would you trust an ad on the billboard more than a video review of a renowned YouTuber? That’s a resounding no because social media influencers are called influencers for a reason – the audience trusts them.

The quickest way to get into your audience’s good books is by pairing up with an influencer. Send them a free sample of your product and let YouTube work its magic! And before you know it, there will be droves of customers waiting to buy from you at your doorstep. That’s the power of word-of-mouth buzz, especially from an influencer.

However, remember that you can’t sway an influencer’s opinion. Influencers are loyal to their audience, and that’s why the audience trusts them in the first place. If you’re unsure which influencer to partner with, find out which influencer will be happy with your product.

Be active on the right social media platforms.

Social media marketing has become a buzzword lately, and while it’s a powerful way to reach out to hundreds of thousands of potential customers, it’s a fine line to walk on. Many business owners use the wrong social platforms for advertising their businesses and then wonder why they aren’t getting any returns.

The first trick in the social media marketing rulebook is to find the right social media platforms for your business. For example, Instagram and YouTube would be great for a clothing brand, and that’s because most millennials and Gen Z users use them. Similarly, if your target audience is women, Pinterest should be your go-to advertising place.

Build a social media following

After identifying the right social media platforms for your business, it’s time to dive into the hard work. Building a social media following takes a lot of time and effort. The only trick is to post eye-catching content that makes your audience go wow. The hardest part is to produce content that adds value for your customers. For instance, a plumbing service provider could post a DIY guide on fixing a leaking sink pipe.

That doesn’t mean you post the complete DIY guide as a text on social media. Nope, that’s suicide – no one wants to wade through walls of words on social media. Instead of doing that, create short how-to video snippets on your story. Or, you can pen down the article on your website blog and mention it in your social media post.

The bottom line is your posts need to be catchy and snackable. Using these creative small business flyers works like magic. Just remember to save the prose for your website blog.

Create a website blog

Your social media posts and website blog work in tandem. While social media is just a fantastic cover that attracts the public, your blog is the substance that keeps the people hooked. If you don’t have a website blog yet, create one because it’s essential for jacking up brand engagement.

Next, you need to post well-crafted articles that add value for your customers. For example, if you own an apparel brand, you could write articles informing customers on how to spot good cloth material or what things to keep in mind when ordering clothes online. Apart from that, stick to a schedule that works for you. It could be one or two articles a week – just make sure you’re consistent.

Some parting advice

Every brand needs to have a unique voice and a catchphrase it’s known by. For example, your mind instantly says “just do it” when you think about Nike, or “I’m lovin’ it” when you’re craving a McDonald’s Happy Meal. You might think you don’t need a catchphrase because you aren’t a global brand, but you can’t be more wrong. Your voice is a part of your brand’s identity and helps you carve out your market segment, so don’t take it lightly.

Apart from that, you can add other cost-effective strategies like email marketing to your marketing mix. Remember, there’s no universal magic formula that works for every business, so you’ll need to get your hands dirty with some trial and error, and soon enough, you’ll understand what works for you.

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