Today, PHP is one of the standards in the web programming environment for creating servers. It is also used to create sites with dynamic elements. Using the tools of the PHP language, you can quickly create a web application and get solutions that are easy to maintain and modify in the future. In this article, you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of server scripted with PHP language.

The universality of PHP Back End Development

PHP code can be inserted and run directly in HTML fragments. Its scripts are executed on the server-side and generate HTML code that is sent to the user. The user receives the finished result, and the PHP server can be configured so that users cannot distinguish between a regular HTML document and the results of scripts. list of PHP features is very long and its functions are not limited to web servers. When you create dynamic interfaces on the site, it is recommended to use the PHP language. Well-known technology giants are developing personalized PHP solutions.

Server Scripted With PHP Programming Language

PHP is a scripting language used to quickly create dynamic web pages by a PHP web developer. An excellent choice for frontend and PHP back end developers to add to the variabilities it stands behind such web giants as WordPress and Facebook. PHP allows you to quickly and easily expand web applications and run websites with repetitive server tasks (for example, updating news feeds). You can find here more information about a PHP developer and the cost of PHP developer.

The scripting server refers to PHP code. This is done on the PHP web server before data is transferred to the user’s browser. After the PHP code is written, all information is transferred to HTML, which is visible in the user’s browser.

7 Pros & Cons of Server Scripted With PHP


1. Universality.

A site created and tested on a local Windows computer can easily be transferred to a PHP development server with FreeBSD. Also, this set supports the vast majority of hosters.

2. PHP saves the budget.

The most attractive feature for developers and IT managers PHP is open access. In addition to the obvious savings, winning also brings a large and developed community, which is constantly improving and complementing the functionality.

3. PHP development takes less time.

PHP is a partially object-oriented language. This makes it possible to reuse the code, which saves time and effort in the development process.

4. PHP is flexible and well compatible.

A significant advantage of PHP is its flexibility and versatility. It is compatible with all major platforms, therefore, it is smart to choose PHP for the development of cross-platform applications: this allows businesses to maximize the use of the existing infrastructure with a minimum of costs.

5. Services in PHP are well scaled and documented.

In terms of return on investment, it is more beneficial for companies when development takes place in several iterations. This allows you to run various software modules one by one, making the necessary amendments along the way.

6. PHP opens up great opportunities for hosting.

The versatility of PHP makes it popular among hosting providers. Any reliable provider supports PHP services for sites on it. As a rule, hosting service packages provide PHP support at no extra charge – including either free tariff plans or cheap ones with unlimited volume and a free domain name.

7. Good site performance in PHP helps keep customers.

Fast website loading is extremely important for customer retention. People today can hold involuntary attention for 6-8 seconds, and if the site loads slowly, it is closed before the download is completed and will not be returned. PHP site loading speed is high due to good customization and integration with various content management systems.


1. The availability of PHP.

Lightness and accessibility significantly reduce the threshold for entering the profession, and this inevitably leads to a decrease in quality. Therefore, the choice of a professional team in the case of PHP is simply critical.

2. Security.

PHP has security features at the system level and the web application level. Bugs in PHP are faster than developers manage to fix them. PHP 7 has solved many problems, but a hacker is always ahead. Since the masses know the preprocessor, it is difficult to predict everything.

3. Contradictions in the code.

Initially, all the software was developed using C. Therefore, a lot of syntax from it was applied in the language. At the same time, modern developers are more focused on Java. As a result, the code is full of various residues from different languages.

4. PHP does not allow changes to the core of web application development.

All the necessary data must be entered immediately.

5. Affects website speed.

If you use special tools and accelerators when developing simple websites, this can seriously affect the speed of the site.

6. Not intended for the development of large applications.

Initially, this language was thought out to create small sites, and now is still not adapted for large and complex sites.

7. Knowledge of one PHP is not enough.

For everything to work smoothly and properly, the developer must know the PHP frameworks.


The rise in popularity of PHP and its frameworks in recent years has been significant, and this trend continues. By itself or in combination with other technologies, PHP is suitable for creating different IT projects: it can be simple websites or even large CRM solutions. It is most advantageous to create servers in a PHP script, as evidenced by the large number of advantages that a website will only benefit from.


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