Project Free TV, popular movies and TV show streaming website on the internet which allowed a million of users to watch free movies and TV show disappeared from the internet on 24th of July. Whenever people try to visit the website, they get an error message that the website is not available and then a lot of fake websites Popped up with the same name and design trying to fool the user. These websites can be malicious and might infect your system with a virus so I advise you to refrain from visiting such sites.

Surprisingly after a few days, the website was back but it wasn’t a surprise to be celebrated. Upon visiting the website, it gets redirected to another domain which was and this website doesn’t have any content. The website doesn’t have anything and it simply says “Good Bye”. However, when you google the term “Project Free TV” a lot of websites appears and there is one website with domain which has the exact same design as the original Project Free TV and still has some old links before the website shut down and they still work. Not sure if it’s the original website or just a fake knockoff.

What is Project Free TV and why does it shut down?

Project Free TV is a website which lets its user enjoy movies and TV shows without buying a Netflix or Hulu subscription. Moreover, it allows you several links to watch the same TV shows when it’s hosted on a different website.

It also provides you schedule for the available TV shows for user’s convenient. You can watch a TV show and quickly check when the next episode is going to come out. Watching a TV show was also easier on Project Free TV. You just had to open the website and then create a free account, whenever you want to watch something just search the TV show or the episode and you will get few links which will redirect you the site where it is available. You can then stream the show in a web browser or sometimes download them to watch offline.

It is one of the oldest websites and acquired a lot of users in a short amount of time. This was causing loss to the copyright holders and they finally appeared in the court so these kinds of a website shut down. In the end, the main domain of Project Free TV stopped working and there is no specific reason specified by the owners.

This may be something to the page where the website owner says that they don’t monitor any of the content which is posted by the users. However, they do look for all the reports made against any of the content posted on the site and remove them if necessary. The Project Free TV website was officially shut down on 24th July 2017 and is no longer accessible.

What to do now?

There is nothing you can do about Project Free TV and it is no longer going to come back. Don’t worry because nowadays we have a lot of different websites which is very similar to the project free TV and allows you to watch free TV shows. Some of the popular examples are Series Free TV and Watch Series TV. You can check out these websites or checkout a dedicated guide of some of the best Project Free TV alternative out there on the internet. What do you think about the shutdown story of Project Free TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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