Our world today is in chaos due to the outbreak of Covid-19; Covid-19 is a virus that started in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province. It can be spread through respiratory droplets, thus requiring people to at least refrain from getting closer to one another.

Some countries immediately went into lockdown, and people are required to stay at their houses to monitor quickly and stop the spreading of this killer virus. All of us must be watchful to our surroundings and should follow the rules to avoid further problems.

In these trying times, we found out how significant technologies are in our lives; it gives us the chance to have a glimpse of what’s going on in the world and finds different ways to combat the virus. Let me give you some essential technologies that will entertain you and will help you in many aspects while staying at your home.

Cellular Phones

One of the most helpful things we have in our hands is our mobile phones. It allows us to access news through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. We can also disseminate some legit information we acquire from other sources to help spread the bad and good news.

Aside from that, cellular phones allow us to download applications that will somehow assess our boredom, just like Tik-Tok. In addition, we can also download useful applications such as Tomato timer; originally, this app was a technique designed to increase your productivity. It will help us divide our time into doing household chores without overworking our body because there is a time intended for resting. It is beneficial since we are asked to stay at home.


If you own a computer, I recommend you to download any movies to entertain yourselves and to stop the urge to go outside. You can also use the laptop to apply for a home-based job to earn money while you are at home.

If you are a mommy, you can download cartoon movies or educational films for your preschoolers. If they are already a teenager, I am sure they are familiar with the Netflix application; you can download it and let them choose what movies suit their liking. But of course, always remind them to do their homework and other activities on their laptop before they proceed to do a movie marathon.


Some adults have no idea how to operate cellular phones but worry no more because TVs will keep them updated about this pandemic Covid-19. It is a great help to have a television at home; aside from the fact that not all of us have cellular phones, it also helps us distinguish which are credible news and not because some sources we retrieved from the internet are fallacies.

Since it is also our chance to have a quality time with our family, we can also use the televisions to have karaoke with them. What we have to do is connect our karaoke DVD player and microphone to our television, and then everything is set. It will lighten up everyone’s mood and make us forget the problem even just for a moment.


Since it is not safe to go outside our home, having a fridge helps preserve the food. Storing and eating canned goods is good, but eating it every day will have adverse effects on our bodies. We can buy vegetables, fish or pork meat then preserve it to have it longer.

Electric Stove

An electric stove is essential in today’s predicament since we are exercising house arrest. The electric stove would be a good alternative if we forgot to buy a gas’ tank for cooking. We can also create bonds between our children through preparing our food and with the help of cooking materials and technologies.


One of the oldest, yet essential things we must acquire is a radio. Most of us have televisions or other gadgets at home, but we can’t close the idea that not all of us are privileged to have much of these technologies. Radio helps us become aware of what’s going on, especially in our locality. Let us help each other by getting the correct information from the government.


The disaster we are facing right now is a tough one; that is why we must take it seriously. We need technologies as much as we need medicine; it will be our eyes on what’s going on inside

and outside the country. If we can’t grasp information, it will be hard for us to combat this virus. Let us be watchful through the help of technology, follow the guidelines of the government, and stay healthy.


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