No one can deny that Information Technology forms the edifice of almost all companies and businesses today. IT support companies are, for many businesses, an essential facility that is required for maintenance, security, flexibility, alleviation of pressure, and cost-minimization purposes.

Such companies sell several products and services which are very appealing to businesses all over the world. In this article, we will be going over ten such products and services which IT companies can provide.

1. HelpDesk

IT equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, and servers, are present in almost every business office. These tools are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day tasks and hence require proper maintenance and regulation. This is where the helpdesk comes in: it helps with installing, maintaining, and upgrading various tools that the business requires. You email or call your providers, such as the Certum IT Consultants, and they come to the rescue.

2. Data Security

Data security is a major concern for business owners. They need to safeguard their data relating to both clients and customers from cyber-threats such as ransomware. To mitigate their concerns, IT support teams set up data security measures. Businesses can remain in constant contact with their IT team to ensure that personalized security measures are implemented.

3. Data Storage

IT service providers can set up databases and servers required for data storage. Not only this, but they also offer new and more efficient ways to easily access this data, alleviating the burden of storage away from the owner to focus on business priorities. Examples of products offered for this purpose are File Servers and Cloud Office Systems.

4. Cloud Services

These services are gaining popularity amongst businesses at a very rapid rate. From server management to providing storage space, Cloud Services have huge demand and are consequently a major service offered by IT support companies. They are budget and economic friendly compared to physical storage and are also much more efficient in performance.

5. IT Consulting

With the ever-changing nature of technology, it can become difficult for business managers to decide which equipment and machinery are right for their particular enterprise. This is where IT consulting comes in: it assesses the needs of a business and its current strength to chart the correct path it should take in terms of IT infrastructure. It then deploys these IT services to maintain that infrastructure while also training employees with the technology.

6. Social Media Consulting

Taking advantage of Social Media platforms is a vital catalyst to business growth and brand. IT services offer social media consultancy by handling the organization’s social media pages- having complete control of posting and page customization. With control over all the dimensions of social media, the IT service provider can establish loyalty within passing users by making the business more appealing and attractive.

7. Repair Services

Whether it be hardware or software, the presence of computer devices implicates the need for services that can maintain, repair, and resolve issues that may temporarily arise within devices. IT repair services are responsible for maintaining computers through regular repairs and servicing and through anti-virus scans and technologies that protect the software of the computers.

8. Network Equipment

This refers to IT items such as network routers and switches. As this hardware is responsible for online communication and connecting to the internet, firms need to have up-to-date technological equipment related to networking. IT services provide such access within their monthly packages.

9. Email Marketing Services

Brand and promotional emails are used by businesses to create loyalty and a brand name for their customers. Such emails are also administered by the IT team, which offers its services through developing marketing strategies and reaching out to existing and potential clients through different software.

10. Web Designing Services

Companies are very interested in Web Designing services due to the immense usage and competition in the digital space to maintain an optimal online presence. The use of Web Designing services by IT support allows for the creation of the website and its regular maintenance and customization to allow for greater personalization for the company.


In this article, we saw the numerous and diverse products and services offered by IT support which businesses and organizations can capitalize on to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their business operations.

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