A modern and luxurious style is currently a highly sought-after interior design approach, particularly when it comes to redecorating bedrooms. This style adopts simplicity and neutral tones, alongside abstract effects, to truly make the room pop. However, although it is easy to see the design and style of your new modern bedroom space in your head, making this a reality can be the most difficult part. Therefore, we would encourage you to scope out the web to pinpoint as much inspiration and ideas as you potentially can, and jot them down in a notepad, after all, a style or furnishing you love one day, you may begin to hate the next! It is particularly important to ensure that you love every feature of your new room space, as after all, redesigning a room is a very different approach from purchasing an outfit on the buying front. Once you see your room space in place and put together, it can be difficult to return if you dislike it! Therefore, a key tip is to write down and map out the space before making final purchases. But, without further ado, let’s begin with the guide on how to create a modern bedroom space.

A Sleek and Purposeful Style of Bed

The bed retail industry is huge; therefore, you will never be at a loss of ideas or choices when it comes to selecting your new bed. To optimize storage facilities, we would advise choosing a bed style that has an option to customise the bed frame by adding additional drawer space below or featuring a lift-up ottoman design. To encapsulate the modernity approach, we would advise reducing clutter and jumble within the room space, and if you are a hoarder of belongings, sometimes this is not always avoidable! Therefore, having as much storage space as possible, for example, underneath your bed, will always provide additional space for your useless belongings that you can’t quite let go of. Choose an upholstered, fabric design as this style is wildly popular at the moment, and colours such as light and dark grey, black, and also beige will not go amiss when it comes to your bed frame and headboard as these tones are bound to correspond with the rest of the room.

Modernised Electronics

If you are taking the modern bedroom space approach, you will also want to ensure that your technological devices are on par with this setting too. After all, a sleek design paired with an old, robust TV and bulky TV unit will definitely not connect with the surrounding style of the room. For a sleeker approach, place your TV on your feature wall. We would like to hope that this is also the wall that your bed faces against for maximum visibility and reduced neck or eye strain. However, it will not be an issue if it is not! An experienced professional at Mike Harris will be able to wall mount your TV with the most appropriate wall bracket to suit your viewing position, click here to enquire! The sleekness of the TV will make the room look contemporary and as futuristic as possible, and not to mention, floor space will be freed up! This means that openness will also contribute to the modern approach. A smart speaker is also a perfect addition to your new room. Not only does this look appealing sat on top of a set of drawers or a bedside unit, but your voice-activated assistant can also turn off the lights and turn on the TV at your request! What’s not to love about that.

Abstract Designs

As explained, modern designs do tend to feature abstract pieces. This can come in the form of furnishings, accessories, or even be featured on the wall or floor space. Why not opt for an armchair with a neutral tone, and feature a colourful and funky style of cushion for your new modern bedroom space? Not only does this incorporate tone and texture through the design, however, it also infuses colour to the space that the neutral tones surround, click here for more. Alternatively, you could opt for a pattern within the wall or floor space by choosing wallpaper or a large canvas with bold lines and shapes, or even a flat weave rug that incorporates an abstract design infused with colours such as black, greys, and white, with even a touch of gold or silver to add texture. If you are new to the modern design space, you may be reluctant to add too much texture and dimension to the space, if this is the case, pillows, throws, bed covers, and even small pieces of artwork could be purchased and experimented with. At least this way, you know the pieces are not permanent and can easily be replaced over time if you begin to dislike them.

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