Building an online presence is no longer a choice for businesses. And it will be all the more important in the coming time as we are poised for a big move from brick-and-mortar to online selling. A majority of retail stores and businesses have already realized this and taken the right measures to consolidate their presence with great-looking websites. But it takes much more than an impressive website to sell; you need to drive hefty traffic to it as well. In a crisis like the COVID 19 pandemic, it is vital to retain your traffic because staying connected with the customers is the key to survival. Let us explain some high-impact tactics to retain your online traffic even in a crisis.

Increase the site’s discoverability with SEO

First things first, you would need to make sure that your website is visible and discoverable online if you want it to fetch traffic. A comprehensive SEO strategy would do the trick. It is best to leave the job to a seasoned link building service agency that is capable of handling the job in the current landscape. Apart from the basic tactics, they will have to do something extra to secure the prized top position and generate consistent qualified traffic for your website. Apart from getting you traffic right now, the ranking will bring extensive benefits once the pandemic is over.

Stay connected and social

Another good tactic to continue driving traffic for your website even during a crisis is by staying connected and social. This is all the more important in the current scenario when people are experiencing social isolation and yearning for real connections. Having a robust social media marketing strategy is key. You can connect via social posts and ads, depending on your marketing budget. Social media has extensive reach and potential when it comes to connecting you with genuine prospects. And if your posts and ads are impressive enough, the users will make it a point to visit your website. Hence, you can achieve the desired traffic boost for the site, all with a fraction of work.

Invest in content marketing

In a crisis situation like this one, the audience is least interested in buying products and services except for the essential ones. Your best bet to get them to your website is by leveraging the potential of content marketing. A good link building company can help you by getting your content published on niche-relevant and high-authority sites that have the audience who may be most interested in your offerings. Having amazing content on these sites gives you chances of getting their attention. And once they are interested, they would surely want to check out your website and know more about your products and services.

Sustaining your web traffic is the secret to survival for any business, no matter how bad the crisis gets. So you must make an extra effort for ensuring that you retain the existing audience and get new ones as well. Amazingly, these strategies can take you a long way in this direction and boost your traffic numbers, regardless of the crisis.

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