To find anything, people are mostly using browsing apps, but how can we decide which app is suitable for your phone and which is not. Well, there are many internet browser apps available in the market. So it is hard to choose any one from it. Well, to decide the best browser app for your phone, check out the list and choose any one of them. So let’s begin the list.


Dolphin logo

This app is on the top; it provides full-screen mode, flash support, and lots of customization. The app also includes voice browsing facilities, sidebar functions, and so on. It comes with HTML5 video player, fast loading speed, and AdBlock features.

Firefox Browser

About Firefox Browser

It is the most popular browser in all over the world. This browser will secure the browsing details with an encrypted formula. Recently Firefox is going to update their browser where they are ensuring the data processing more strictly. It is a very strict, secure, and user-friendly browsing app for everyone. The company is still thinking about the data tracking facilities, which is secured but vulnerable too.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser trackers logo

If you don’t want that any company will take your browsing data in their browser, they try this Ghostery Privacy Browser and secure your browsing data from the companies. This browser app will change your mind and provide a high-speed and reliable environment for browsing.

Google Chrome Browser

Google search engine

If we check out the list of browser apps, then chrome and Firefox apps are always competing with each other. Chrome is also securing browsers in comparison to other apps. People mostly believe in Google, so they prefer to use the Google Chrome App for searching and business purposes. Well, Google Chrome won’t allow malicious, adult websites on their browser, it is illegal, and the user may get blocked if they try to open such sites.

The browser app also doesn’t allow us to download such stuff on their pc. It is completely secured and won’t allow any illegal things to the browser.

Opera Browser App

Opera Browser now with free VPN
Opera Browser App

Well, this app is mostly used to download adult videos and search for adult websites. It is a lightweight and lightning-fast app. The app has high data-saving mode or extreme saving mode. Using this app, the user can easily save browsing data. The app is compatible with Android and iOS users. So enjoy it.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser Available on android and Appstore

This browser app was recently launched in 2016. This app has an ad-blocker facility so the user won’t get disturbed with ads while surfing the website or browsing the videos. It can also block the third party cookies and save your surfing data. It has HTTPS everywhere and won’t allow the user to visit on the website who don’t have SSL certificates on their website. The unsecured sites are automatically blocked, and if the user enables it, then only you can use it.

Ecosia Browser

Ecosia search engine

It is an environment-friendly website; it will be just similar to the Chrome Web Browser app. You can search for anything except malicious websites. It provides all the things like bookmarks, downloads, multiple tabs, and incognito features. Well, this company will donate the 80% profit to the environment plant trees. The company has an excellent initiative and profit-making as well. Well, people who are searching for the new web browser apps must try this one.

Kiwi Browser App

Kiwi Browser available on play store

This is another Android browser app that comes with lots of features like ad blockers, pop-ups blocking feature, AMOLED screen, multiple tabs, contrast mode, crypto-jacking protection, and so on. The app also provides UI facility to the app that is useful and user-friendly for all of us. It has a desktop version too, but it is most convenient on mobile instead of desktop.

Lightning Browser

Lightning Browser Logo

This browser app is known as the most popular Android browsers, and people are using it because it comes with many things like ad blockers, pop-ups, simple design, various themes, and so on. It is compatible with proxy servers, and third party websites won’t be able to track that quickly. You can try out the free version of this browser app or pay for the paid version. The paid version has more features compared to free users.

Lynket Browser Apps

Lynket Browser Apps

The app is new and launched in 2018 only. It supports Chrome browser core and lets you open any app in Chrome Custom Tabs. The one-two punch of Lynket browser apps is compatible with Android and iOS users. It works best for multi-taskers, various browsers, and people like Chrome Custom Tabs.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Available on Android

Well, this browsing app is not for everyone. This browser app is mostly used by the professionals, or we can say for the workaholic people. The design of this app is also very professional and edgy. The app also works with Windows 10 desktop and with previous versions. Ordinary people are not comfortable with the Microsoft Edge browser app, but people who are working in an office environment like to use this app only.

Naked Browser App

Naked Browser App in Phone

Just like its name, the browser app is swift and reliable to use. This app allows shortcuts, bookmarks, and history facilities, but it won’t enable hard features like security. The scaled black nature will load quickly and give the results faster than any other way. It is most suitable for Android users instead of iOS. The app is less secured, but people will like it.

UC Browser App

UC Browser Download and Install

This is something straightforward and quick to use. This browser app will take less space in the mobile devices but provides all types of data searches. Well, we all know that this app is handy for many people because they can surf anything on this app.


Well, we discuss all the things about the browser apps, but remember the best browsing app is that it secures the browsing data and won’t allow third-party users to track your data. Such internet browser apps are beneficial for any user. Well, you can try more than one browsing app on your device and choose your favorite one.

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