Finding the right business to go for can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are running on a tight budget. However, you are still capable of finding the right business to start with even less than $5,000. Since we live in a modern and digital world, opening a business has become much easier than in the past.

Nowadays, you can create a global company without significant upfront investment all through the comforts from your home. There are a few steps to do before choosing the right business for you. The most important one is to start something that you like doing. If you go for something that you don’t feel passionate about, you will lose interest even if your business is successful.

However, we are here to discuss the topic of opening a business for less than $5,000, so let’s see what the options are.

Online courses

Nowadays, you can become an expert on everything. You don’t need an expensive school to go to, most of today’s experts are home learned or they went on a course. If you think you are an expert in some field, you can try creating your online course business. There are a lot of ways you can create your tutoring classes online and get paid a good amount for the job.

You can do all kinds of courses, just make sure you choose the one you are expert on and feel passionate about. Some people even teach others how to become an influencer.

It doesn’t matter even if you are camera-shy, you can still attract people by providing them your content through word document or presentation.

Create a product and sell it online

If you have a special talent and you are creative, you can make a lot of money by selling your crafts. It is a great idea to start making products and sell them on the global market. That way, you will separate yourself from the competition since you will be offering a unique product and more people will buy from you.

Even if you don’t have an idea for a new product, you can resell products that you will get from suppliers online. The truth is, the eCommerce business is fierce, so even though this business launch is going to cost you less than $5,000, you will spend most of your money on advertising products.

Start a consulting business

If you have the right knowledge on some subject, you can use it to educate other people and point them in the right direction. People are always seeking out advice or expertise, and they are willing to pay big money for it. There are a lot of different opportunities with opening a consulting business such as:

  • Career consulting
  • Insurance
  • Home security
  • Insurance
  • Legal

In order to get started, you will only need a website to showcase your previous experience, business cards, and small office.

Become a Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is basically the person responsible for keeping everything in order. Some people simply don’t have the time to handle all processes, which is why they hire VA assistant.

You can get a stable amount of clients and maintain their social media pages, websites, provide content, reply to emails and etc. All you need to start this business is a good laptop, good Wi-Fi connection, and excellent communication skills.

Develop a game or app

Since mobile technology is continuously advancing, people are using their devices most of the day. There are millions of new apps coming every day, and all of them have the potential to earn big money. All you need to do is to learn the steps for creating an app and come up with the right idea and then execute it in reality. If you don’t have coding skills, you can hire someone to transfer your idea in the real world.

These are some of the businesses you can start for less than $5,000. There are a lot of options where you can start a successful business, even on a tight budget. The possibilities are limitless and you can achieve great things even with small budget.

It is like betting on the winning horse on the Kentucky Derby, through You can end up winning a lot of money only by placing a small bet. You just have to make sure you are doing the thing that you feel passionate about, and everything else will fall into place.

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