Safety concerns are exactly what urge customers to choose a virtual number for receive SMS. And it would be unjustified to resort to virtual phone numbers if they themselves turned out to be unsafe. What protective mechanisms make this technology the best choice for those who care about their security?

The Main Purpose of Virtual Numbers for SMS

Virtual number technology has become the perfect embodiment of the idea of ​​avoiding severe restrictive measures from social networks and various sites regarding registration. By requiring each time to indicate the user’s phone number, they put the safety of his personal data at risk:

· firstly, attackers can find out his data by hacking a website or social network

· secondly, he can accidentally register on a phishing site, as a result of which his personal data will instantly fall into the hands of malefactors

To avoid this, the idea of ​​virtual numbers for SMS was proposed.

How Virtual Numbers for SMS Provide User Security

The developers of the technology of virtual telephone numbers have provided strict security measures for their users:

· They exist only for registration on various sites

· If you select a disposable phone number, it will deactivate immediately after use

· No one else can use it after you

Two Tariff Plans for Virtual Phone Numbers

Onlinesim offers its customers the opportunity to choose between two tariff plans, depending on the purpose of using numbers for SMS:

· if you need an occasional registration, choose a disposable virtual number. It can only be used to register on one site within 20 minutes. After that, it ceases to exist. It costs only 1 cent, so you can easily order a new number each time you register

· if your activity is related to permanent or periodic registration and receiving SMS, pick to rent a virtual number for an unlimited number of SMS for absolutely any website or mobile app. You can rent such a number for at least one day. If necessary, you can easily extend the rent.

· When you don’t worry about your safety, life becomes easier and more joyful. Order the services of virtual phone numbers for SMS from Onlinesim to be sure of all your actions!

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