If you’re reading this, you probably already understand the importance of buying Instagram likes from sites like https://buzzvoice.com/instagram/likes/order for social proof. As you probably already know, if you have just started your Instagram account, it’s going to be very hard to go from a complete and total unknown to being a big-time influencer.

It’s easy to get excited about all the success stories, but behind those amazing stories are thousands upon thousands of very unhappy stories. These are people who put together a nice-looking Instagram account, stocked it with what they thought was amazing content. Still, despite all their time and effort, their accounts went nowhere.

Not only did they fail to attract the kind of following they had expected, but their dreams of actually making thousands of dollars every single month off their account went nowhere. It is no surprise that people like you are looking at social proof to get a nice head start.

The idea is to publish content with enough social proof so people would be motivated to engage. After all, if they see that enough people liked your photo, they might think, at the back of their minds, that it’s worth their time and effort to check out your photos.

Maybe they could look at your account and see if you have other content that they may be interested in. This is the magic of social proof.

But just because you understand that if you buy Instagram likes from you get social proof, this understanding doesn’t automatically translate to the results that you’re looking for. You have to pay close attention to 3 key factors that will help you decide whether it’s smart to buy Instagram likes right here, right now.

What Stage of Growth is Your Account In?

Believe it or not, deciding to buy Instagram likes depends on where you are in your Instagram career.

If you’re just getting started, it’s probably a good idea to focus on content production. Maybe you need to fine tune your message. Maybe you need to find yourself as far as your brand positioning goes.

Once you have a unified message to present the world, then it would probably be a good idea to buy Instagram likes so you can use that social proof to turbocharge the brand that you have finally decided on.

Buying social proof prior to this point might end up with you building a confused or “mixed” following. Not exactly a recipe for success.

How Quickly can the Provider Deliver Likes?

Another key factor to consider when deciding to buy Instagram likes involves basic proficiency. There are many people out there who claim that they will be able to deliver the social proof that you’re looking for.

Well, let me tell you, it’s very easy to make a claim. I can make a claim. Anybody can. But here’s the bottom line: a lot of people talk big, but very few people deliver.

You have to look at the many different providers of Instagram social proof and look at their past results, and possibly online reviews. By reading between the lines, you can see who actually walk their talk.

How Diverse are the Accounts the Provider Uses?

To me, this is the deal killer. If you look at an Instagram social proof provider and it’s obvious that they’re using some sort of software, you need to turn the other way and run as fast as you can.

As much as possible, head for the hills. That provider is a scammer. I hate to say it, but the truth needs to come out. Whatever Instagram likes that provider delivers will be completely and totally useless to you.

Look for diversity in the accounts that the provider uses. This is a good indicator that they are using real marketing to drive real Instagram likes to your account. Insist on nothing less.

By keeping these 3 things in mind when deciding to buy social proof for your Instagram account regardless of its age, you put yourself on the path to success. If you ignore any of these tips, you only have yourself to blame when things go south.

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