It is needless to say that human lives are ruled by technology and that is the reason you need to look for software for everything, as that makes your life easier. People are hooked to gadgets like iPad, Kindle, smartphone, etc. because now they have a convenient version of a computer in their hand. But still, there are lots of paperback written documents that are being published in hardcopy forms. While people are getting used to gadgets and approaching a paperless future, then what they are going to do with the papers that are being published? So, to resolve the issue there is Optical Character Recognition technology.

A Brief idea About OCR

Optical Character Recognition or OCR helps to convert pdf to text, or you can convert any image to digital form so that the content is editable. This is the reason the technology is considered a digital blessing for the people because one can edit the content which was impossible to do in a paper form. Usually, OCR is done by scanning the document and then saving the file in PDF or JPEG format. The files are processed with the help of the OCR software. The advantage of the software is that the letters and the numbers are recognized so the editing becomes easier.

Why Do You Need OCR?

Do people often wonder why do you need an OCR pdf? The answer is simple, no one wants to spend much time rewriting when the technology is coming so handy. If you use the software then you will be able to get rid of the hassles that you would have to take up to edit the hard copy of a file. Apart from that, incorporating software will reduce the spacing and that will improve the overall working condition.

What are the places where OCR is used?

Due to the advent of technology the IT market is flourishing. The OCR software is being used widely by the people in the industry. Several big giants in the IT industry are using the software for their flagship projects. The OCR tool offers text recognition in both manual and automatic modes. There are several free tools are available to convert images to text.

Onlineconvertfree tool

The easiest way to convert the file is by using the Onlineconvertfree tool. It is a free converter and you do not have to download and install the converter. It is an online converter, and all types of formats are free here. You can convert a file in multiple formats, and it converts fast so do not have to waste much time. It is very easy to use so you do not have to waste much time behind a particular file to convert. The steps are as follow-

Step 1: You need to visit, once you reach the page you will get an option called ‘Choose a file to convert’.

Step 2: You will find a dialog box where you need to browse the file that you want to convert. You need to upload the file.

Step 3: You can drag the file on the site, and then you need to choose a file format to which you are going to convert the file.

Step 4: Once you click on the convert option, the file will be converted with no time. Then you can download the file on your machine.

Microsoft OneNote

If you are looking for a converter to convert image to text, then you can consider Microsoft OneNote. It is considered as a note keeper and works as OCR. The software offers simple recognition of characters. You need to download the software followed by installing it on the desktop to continue with the task. The steps are as follow-

Step 1: You need to open the software on your computer, and then you need to insert an image.

Step 2: You need to right-click on the image and then click on the option called ‘Copy Text From Picture’.

Step 3: You will see that OneNote will recognize the character and will do what it was commanded.

The software recognizes the text and copies them successfully on a clipboard. You can paste that on a word for future editing.

Abbyy FineReader

Apart from online ocr there is desktop-based software that can provide the equally good result as an internet version. Abbyy FineReader is considered one of the best and several IT companies have been using it. It can provide multiple outputs and has comprehensive features. It is very lightweight software so small businesses can also use it. You will get all the features to scan any document and make it in an editable form. You can convert multiple documents at a time so it is efficient. To start with conversion, all you need to do is to download and install the software. The software is not free so to work on the software you need to buy the software.

Step 1: You need to open the software and then you need to upload the file that you want to convert.

Step 2: Once the upload is done you need to select the format, and if you want to do any customization you can do that as well.

Step 3: After that, you need to click on the convert option. You need to give the path where the converted file would be saved.

So, here are the three ways that will help you to perform OCR and make the written documents editable on the digitized version.

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