The term mobile app development is simple to understand, it refers to the process of creation of an app that is meant for mobile devices. It is projected that enterprise mobility is estimated to be worth $510.39 billion by 2022.

But what is the procedure to develop a Mobile app

  • The project requirement discussion

The most important thing is the idea. To develop a mobile application by Brainvire, you must have an idea to hover upon. You start with identifying what your app idea is, how much time do you want to take building it, or if you have built other apps in the past is it similar to this idea?

Approach a mobile app development and have a consultation session with them.

  • Business Insight and Estimation

The second step begins by reaching out to a mobile development company where the dedicated team of engineers will come up with suggestions after a consultation session with you. At this stage, the requirements and designs get selected and then the QA testing starts. This determines the cost you will have to spend as well.

  • Signing an NDA

A lot of mobile app development companies prefer signing an NDA because they want to make sure the idea stays with them. Once you have signed the contract and understood the deliverables you can then proceed to work on wireframing.

  • Wireframing of the app

Wireframe is the pillar of an app. It makes you understand the workflow system and gives an idea of how the app will function. It not only helps in price estimation but also helps the designers in creating designs that fit.

There are different tools that can be used for wireframing. You can highlight a feature and inform the company you have hired, to see how that feature will function on the application.

  • UI/UX design

It has been observed that 71% of uninstalls take place due to app-crashing. Mobile development is the stage where a developer is hired that has a good design team as well. During this time the developer will have to be walked through your ideas and aspirations.

Make sure that everything is made clear beforehand.

The developer will give you options for the designs to choose from and a systematic flow is made after the approval.

  • App development

After the afore-mentioned steps are performed, the process of developing the application begins. The perfect mobile app development team helps you turn your vision into a reality and stay involved at every step to make sure the final product is what you wanted.

There are various technologies used for Android app development such as Java language and Android SDK tool. For iOS the swift language and SQ lite are some of the technologies used.

  • Q/A testing

When developing the app, it is important to keep testing at every stage. It is cheaper to make changes in the early stages as compared to later on. There are two types of tests available for the mobile development apps:

  • Functional testing: As the name suggests this kind of test focuses on the functions of the app. It is easy for manual testing and manual testing and automatic tools are used. It is to describe what the product does. Examples: User acceptance testing, sanity testing.
  • Non-functional testing: This suggests checking the performance reliability, and other non-functional testing. It is performed after functional testing. It helps in describing how good the product is. However, it can be tough for manual testing. Examples: Compatibility testing, security testing.
  • Launching the app

With the help of the hired mobile development company the next step is to launch the application. iOS has stricter rules whereas android does not have a review process and the application goes live within some time. It has been observed that 29% will immediately uninstall the app if not found valuable.

This means constant monitoring of the application and analytics is required after the app is launched.

  • Postproduction support

Once the application is launched, it is not the end. Users give feedback and changes are to be made based on that feedback. Updates and new features are also added in the same application.

Post its launch, the development cycle begins which is a never ending process.

It all starts with an idea!

The complexity of creating an application depends on the idea. Consulting a mobile app development agency will help in defining the apps’ design and goals. The above-mentioned steps can be followed to create an application.

Coming up with the perfect mobile application is just a matter of selecting the right app development company.

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