Pen Names are mysterious and stir up excitement in readers. They let you keep privacy and enjoy a relaxed life as a renowned author. You can dabble in any kind of work without getting discriminated against by the public. Also, you can acquire the entire attention on your work rather than your identity.

Coming up with a pen name to label your writing journey may not seem like a difficult task at first. But let me assure you this is not an easy venture. If you have been a parent, then you will know how tough naming your baby was, yep, this is just as demanding. There also may be many inconsistencies and downfalls of taking a pen name that is not yours. So without further debate, let’s actually learn about how you can come up with one that is usable and doesn’t evade rules and regulations.

Relate to Your Work

A pseudonym with profound meaning to your writing will have high acceptance by your audience. They will rejoice in it and have more pleasure in reading your writings. Or you can change letters of your own name and create a new one. A name with a human touch rather than fictional can reach more people and be credible. At a John Doe site, where several people take to write personal stories anonymously, you can practice a few pen names by publishing your works and perceiving the attention that they bring.

Generate a Random Name

After you exhaust yourself out on deciding a reliable pseudonym to go about, there are sites on the web that can aid you in selecting pen names. They provide interfaces for typing in your desired letters in a box and generate suitable names according to it. You can choose a name that doesn’t define your gender and help you stay neutral to any gender controversy.

Check With Previous Authors

For attaining a clean and fresh pen name, you will need to take some extra measures to reassure it is/was not used by anyone previously. For this, you can check out different directories of pen names and real names to find the name you choose. This can take time but is needed to bolster if the name is diverse, you never know who else would’ve written with the name ‘David Brown’ in this big world.

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