We all know that right now we all are facing the quarantine period in all over the world. During this time, many people lost their lives due to COVID-19. Many people even lost their jobs due to this disease. The companies are not willing to pay the amount to their employees. Due to which they are facing lots of issues in their regular life. Nowadays, people are already stuck in their houses, and for survival, you must have at least money that will be helpful for you to buy food items for yourself.

We all don’t know how much time it will take to get all the things healthy, but these things will ruin the economy, and in such cases, it will be more difficult for people to find jobs as per their required PayScale. It becomes quite difficult for people to find a perfect job according to their qualifications. So to solve these problems, we bring the best job search apps in India. These apps will help you out to find the best jobs according to the qualification and skills. All you need to do is check out the name of apps and choose the best app for yourself and fill all the details with your resume, to get the dream job.


Naukri.com Logo

We all know about this app, you can directly visit the website Naukri.com, or you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Well, this app provides both free and paid versions. All you need to do is create your account and fill up all the details like name, surname, address, phone number, email id, gender, qualifications. The Skill certificate (optional), experience (optional if you’re fresher), job location, field, job timings, option for full-time or part-time, and resume.

This app is handy because here, you can also connect your social media platform with the app directly. The app provides you the notification in your email and also sends you the SMS if you keep it on. To apply for the job, you need to check out every information and click on “Apply,” and here, your application is gone with a resume. If the company is interested, then they will contact you back and set an interview with you. So we can say that this is a speedy and reliable app. To get the proper alert, you need to fill up all the details accurately and don’t forget to attach the resume.


Indeed Logo

Well, this app has 50 million users, and so many people get a job through this app. It is also a free app but also has the paid version, but you’ll get the job with the free version, it is not necessary to purchase the paid version. Well, you can find the situation in any country with this app and apply for it, but don’t forget to create the account and fill up all the details accurately. Also, create the perfect resume and attach it, so the company will consider your resume and contact yours as soon as possible.

Shine Job Search

Shine.com Logo

It is another job search app in India that can be used by the people. This app consists of 14,000 jobs in this app. They are looking for recruiters as well, so you can apply for the job using this app. Well, this app is less popular than above, but it is a useful job search app in India. You can download it and use it whenever you want to. The interface of this app is user-friendly, and anyone can use it easily, either they are job finders or recruiter finders. This app is useful for everyone.

Glassdoor Job Search

Glassdoor Logo

With the help of this app, you can check out about the companies and their work performance. Glassdoor is the place where companies are registered to promote their company. It can be supported by the employees who are working in the company or left the company. It will help other people to know more about the company and their working environment. If anyone likes the review, then they can directly apply to that company using this app.


LinkedIn Logo

You can say that it is another social media platform or job search app in India that provides lots of opportunities for job finders. This app is mainly for IT professionals. They can quickly contact each other or view the profile of each other. All you need to do is fill-up the correct details with your picture and then upload it. Make your profile strong enough so the recruiters can directly message you on your inbox and ask you for the job. Well, this app is straightforward to use.

You can also post about the job requirements on your wall and connect with people who are working on the same industry and get to know more about them and connect with them.


Times Jobs Logo

It is another job search app in India that people use. Well, there are lots of people, but it is also not so much popular than other apps. This app is mostly considered by journalists, IT professionals, and a few different industries. You can directly go to the website TimesJobs.com or download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The app also provides ratings and reviews of the company so new recruiters can know about the company and their working environment and people who are working on it. So you can check out the app and fill up all the details to get the notifications on jobs and apply for it on time.


Well, apart from these also there are so many other job search apps in India that you can use to find a suitable job for yourself. Must remember that to get a job, there are two things required. First is to fill up all the required and optional items to make your profile secure, and another thing never applies for a job without a resume. Create a strong resume and attach to your profile and send it to get a quick response.

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