Unfortunately, cybercrime is continuously rising over the last few years. It seems like the world is facing this kind of problem for the first time, and we don’t know how to solve it. Since technology is continuously improving, people have access to everything online. That is why you need to be extra careful, handing out sensitive and valuable information.

Even big corporations like Facebook faced cyberattacks and a lot of personal information leaks in the last few years. Every step on the internet must be cautious in order to avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

In this article, we will go through some of the ways you can protect yourself from cybercrime.

  • Keep everything updated

Updates are extremely important. Most of the breaches occur due to not updated software. On non-updated software, hackers can access data much easily through the back door, and most of the updates are due to security improvements.

No matter if you are using your phone, computer, website, or app, it is necessary that you have the latest version available. The best way is to turn automatic updates if possible in order to avoid forgetting necessary updates.

  • Use only strong credentials

There is a reason why so many websites require a strong password policy. High percentages of hacked accounts are victims of brute force attacks. This means that hackers try random passwords until they get it right. Unfortunately, most people use easy-to-hack passwords like “12345678” and making them venerable to such things.

People start being cautious after they’ve experienced a cyber-attack, and most of the time, it is already too late. That is why you need to create a long password (at least 14 characters) and enrichen it with punctuation, symbols, or numbers.

  • Use multi-factor authentication

Sometimes it is best to use a few different ways for logging in into your account. Multi-factor authentication is a separate code that usually sends a text message, call, or email when someone is trying to log in. This will provide an extra level of security and make your account less accessible by hackers. It is still not the perfect solution, since it applies a lot of impracticalities, but sometimes it is necessary in order to feel safe online. If this is too much for you, try using multi-factor authentication only on crucial log-ins like bank or credit card accounts. You can also get a physical-digital key that must be connected to your PC in order to access your account.

  • Encrypt and back up essential data

Sometimes, we cannot protect ourselves from hackers accessing our information. However, we can make the information not readable for them. By encrypting your important data, you will make sure that the hacker will receive a bunch of code that does not mean anything, rather than the actual data. This requires installing software and changing some system settings.

In order to avoid using any data by unexpected infection, you should always back up everything. The best way is to duplicate the backup data and store it in different places. You can store one locally and other remote or cloud backup. This will make sure you will never lose any of the data even if you are a victim of a cyberattack.

  • Be extra cautious with public Wi-Fi

It is essential to know that when you are connected on public Wi-Fi, the person on the same network can get information on what your device is sending or receiving across the internet. If you must use public internet, avoid typing sensitive information or use encryption software that will make your data unreadable. You can also use the virtual private network (VPN) for encrypting your internet traffic to make it much more difficult for hackers to spy on you.

These are some of the methods you can protect yourself from cybercrime. You need to create the perfect defense just like guards and tacklers during the big betting football event the NFL Super Bowl match. The best way is to be careful about what you are sending and receiving on the internet. After all, it is an open virtual space accessible by anyone.

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